The best reasons to buy organic

Written by Victoria Sully of Lylia Rose.

Many people choose to go organic as they are concerned about the potential effects of chemical fertilizers and artificial pesticides on their own health.  Though there are many claims the food is perfectly safe to eat, I’d argue it’s not just the toxins going into our bodies we should be concerned about.  There’s a much bigger environmental concern caused by non-organic farming and our own personal health isn’t the only thing at stake.



Here are five great reasons you should choose organic:

Promote wildlife

Pesticides are harmful to wildlife and they are one of the main reasons the bee population has been rapidly declining.  Bees are one of the top pollinators of 70% of the crops we eat, so it’s important they don’t disappear.  The Soil Association say ‘On average, plant, insect and bird life is 50% more abundant on organic farms. Organic farms are also home to 30% more species on average.’  Isn’t that incredible?  Imagine if all farms were organic, the wildlife in this country would thrive!

Cleaner water

Many pesticides do not break down in water, yet this is where they end up.  Rain washes the pesticides off the soil and carries it underground or to rivers and lakes where it pollutes the water supply.  The severe devastating effects of this can be seen in dead zones in areas such as the Gulf of Mexico where the water is so terribly polluted from fertilizers that no living thing can survive in it.

Better soil

The quality of soil is so important in providing us with nutrient rich food.  Organic farming rotates crops to encourage nutrient rich soils.  Non-organic farming methods often plant the same crop over and over in the same place which damages the soil and doesn’t allow it time to replenish its vital nutrients.  Plus the soil becomes contaminated from the use of artificial fertilizers and toxic pesticides.

Nutrient rich food

Studies have shown that organic food can contain much higher amounts of vitamins and minerals.  Organic farming methods create nutrient rich soil which leads to nutrient rich food.  Organic crops are much higher in antioxidants giving our bodies a greater chance at protecting themselves against illness and disease.

Less health risks

Pesticides are designed to kill, they are poisons.  It makes no sense that these are safe for us to consume.  Our food can be sprayed up to ten times with these harmful chemicals before reaching our plates.  If we can’t drink these chemicals straight from the bottle as they are so dangerous to our health and potentially lethal, then how are they safe to spray all over our food?  These harmful pesticides leave traces on food which we consume allowing toxins into our bodies.  Over time these toxins build up causing disease and health problems.  It is widely accepted that babies should be given organic food, but why not children and adults?  Only 15 natural pesticides are allowed to be used in organic farming, nothing synthetic and absolutely no GM products.  In non-organic UK farming over 300 artificial pesticides can be used.  Yuck!

“Choosing organic when available really is a no brainer. 

It may be a little more costly, but it’s an investment in our own health, our children’s health, saving wildlife and protecting the environment.  Surely there’s nothing more important?

Victoria Sully is a UK lifestyle blogger of over four years at Lylia Rose. She lives in Gloucestershire, South West England, with her DIY loving husband Benjamin, two young children Bella and Reuben, as well as four chickens who like to rule the garden.  Victoria is passionate about healthy living, natural beauty, making money online and healthy refined sugar-free chocolate!



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