Sustainable Practices for Thanksgiving

They say it’s not Thanksgiving without the turkey. The dining table should have all the good meat, the heavenly desserts, and the finest wines. Many believe that these are Thanksgiving essentials, that the succulent entrees prepared serve as a reminder to those sharing the meal of what they should be thankful for.

Do you agree? Do you believe that such is the essence of Thanksgiving? Is it impossible to be thankful for life alone? Not everyone gets to relish the good things in life. Better yet, not everyone gets to live as long as we have.

Today, we continue to benefit from the unselfishness of nature. So this Thanksgiving, it is only right that we advocate its conservation.

Below are some of the ways in which we can express a gratitude that is long overdue.

1. Eat Not the Meat

Back in 2011, 46 million turkeys were eaten on Thanksgiving Day in the US alone. Each of which, produced roughly 10.89 lbs of CO2! Just think of the damage that does to our ozone layer. Opt for plant-based meals. They’re good for you as they are for the environment.

2. Swap Disposables for Reusables

Having friends and family over means a lot of plates and cups to wash. But don’t let that be a reason to go for tablewares you can throw away afterwards. Sure it’s an easy cleanup, but it has negative consequences on our planet. Busy as we may be, let’s do it the tedious way. We rarely see our loved ones anyway.

3. Grow, Don’t Throw

Since we talked about going plant-based for Thanksgiving, we will probably have a lot of leftover seeds and peelings. This is a chance for us to replace the resources we have consumed. Let us use the biodegradable substances to fertilize the soil which we will be planting the seeds into.

4. Head Outside

There is no better way to celebrate the bountiful supply of oxygen that we get from plants but to go outside and breathe. And when we exhale, they take in our carbon dioxide. That is how we can tell them “thanks”.

5. Green Instead of Black Friday

Due to the holidays, we are tempted to storm into stores for the big sale. Just because the items are sold cheaper, doesn’t mean savings for you. If you won’t really use them, chances are, they will only be thrown away. If this commemoration is to be about waste reduction, then don’t spend a dime if it isn’t in line with the purpose.

While you can, be grateful for even the smallest things, the things that sustain your life even when there is no price you can put on them. These things are free, but they can become scarce if we do not find ways to preserve them.

Clean air, potable water, fertile lands – some do not deserve the providence of Mother Earth. And yet, we are not charged a penny for carelessly squandering these resources. Let us show our appreciation. Let us live in a way that lengthens her abundance. For in that way, we also lengthen our own existence.


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