Woman reminds us about the Power of Words
There is power in words. No matter how much the world is in disarray, there is always a short moment of silence, a brief window allowing a cry for justice to be heard.
Women all over the world have experienced different forms of harassment and kept mum about it for the fear of judgement. It’s so ironic how it is the victims who feel shame instead of their perpetrators.
No woman should have to be embarrassed about being abused, mistreated, or given less than the respect she deserves. For some women, their dignity is all they have, and they should not have to go through constant worrying that they can be stripped of it any time.
When Time magazine placed a roster of dauntless women who stood up against harassment in different fields on the cover of their Person of the Year issue, they got things on point. They’re collectively named “silence breakers”, and honestly, there is no label more fitting.
We are especially in awe of Susan Fowler, who with a 3000-word essay brought a company to its knees. She brushed off the fear of being judged and ridiculed and spoke up about the harassment she went through at a company who was protecting what she refers to as “brilliant jerks”.
What seemed like shooting for the moon decades ago is now a shining moment for many women who never thought they could wake up from such nightmare.
Susan Fowler showed absolute courage by not leaving out the man who was in charge for his notoriety. Had she been short of audacity, men who have power would have been spared. She admits that her bold move was one of the bigger risks she has ever taken, but that it was all worth it.
Our green hero for the week is Susan Fowler, a woman who inspires us to set ourselves free from fears that are holding us back and reminds us how powerful our words can be.


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