Ellen Hielkema
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ecofemmag founder & carer of earth optimist (CEO)
leading for earth, led by earth


Ellen lives in Breukelen, the Netherlands. She’s proud Aries mama to her Sagittarius daughter Sally. Upon discovering the term ‘ecofeminine’ something just clicked. The oppression of women and Mother Earth is why we are in this global environmental crisis. But she believes there is change upon the horizon, and men and women feminists from around the globe are rising up and are the change.

She was born and raised in a village in the Netherlands to a Dutch father and Oregonian mother. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in marketing & publishing in Amsterdam. She then moved to NYC for an internship at Conde Nast and worked in marketing and sales for Budget Travel magazine while commuting by bicycle daily from her beloved neighborhood Williamsburg, BK into Midtown Manhattan. She has volunteered at the Omega Institute in NY, studied Ashtanga yoga in India and taught English in China.

Her next move was a drastic one: she bought a van in her home-country the Netherlands and traveled down to Portugal. She roamed the country, living in her van, and volunteering at various projects along the way. After three years of semi self-sufficient living, she realized you don’t have to go to either extreme to be successful or sustainable. And she set upon her mission to merge the two: being a citizen of the western world without giving up luxuries such as showers and electricity, but working in an honest way to make the world a better place.

When not interviewing people for the podcast Ellen likes to pet cows, bicycle around the Dutch fields with her daughter, cook healthy and nourishing foods, tend to her houseplants, and do as much yoga as she can squeeze into her day.



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Brittany Shenk, MPH
ecofemmag editor-in-chief
chiefess of creativity and word magic

Britt = bubbly, compassionate, fiery, Sagittarius, Oregonian, millennial. She was divinely led to Ellen about a year ago. It’s clear that the two of them were supposed to find each other, though they were on opposite sides of the planet. INSTANT best friends, fire sisters, children at heart, and work side-by-side to grow and spread the mission of ecofemmag.

Britt re-energizes her soul with random dance parties, making raw treats, weight-lifting, connecting with nature, drinking cacao+cayenne every morning, hiking, putting her feet in the ocean, playing with her soulmates, and writing. She could easily spend the entire day in the kitchen playing with nutrient-dense ingredients creating gluten-free, (mostly) vegan, energy-packed recipes to share with her loved ones. One time she put a shit-ton of cauliflower in a decadent heartfilling chocolate frosting, & nobody noticed. Sneaky af.

She focuses on leading with her heart as much as possible, but still gets road rage sometimes.

Her mission is to help others connect to themselves & Momma Earth through high-vibe food, environmental awareness, creative word magic, & her playful approach to living life on this planet  ❤



BC66D5C6-2BE8-4D2B-8A8B-ABF4F6B42A3E-e1542189490103-277x300 MEET THE TEAMKatiee McKinstry
engagment + connection
AKA: social media badass

is a 22-year-old ecofeminist living in Atlanta, GA. She recently graduated with a BA in English from the University of North Georgia, and runs her own feminist blog called Life Starts With Coffee. She’s a bunny mom, and lover of all things coffee and Law & Order: SVU.



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Jo Keene
ecofemmag copy editor & proofreader

Jo joined the ecofemmag team about a month ago. She is an animal loving, non-smoking, vegan nomad, who works freelance as a proofreader and editor. She also blogs and dabbles with other writing projects. Passions include animal welfare and rights, holistic and complementary health, meditation, the sea, and stopping the world from using so much plastic.

After graduating with a Psychology and American Studies degree, she spent two years living in Paris as an au pair. Returning to England, she dabbled with freelance journalism and other things, before becoming a production coordinator for television.

After a number of years, London became too much, and she took off again, about 14.5 years ago, to teach English. Over the next 13 years, she taught in Japan (whilst accumulating about a dozen words of Japanese), London (if you can survive teaching summer school students in London, you can survive anything), Libya (at the time of the uprising, so ended being evacuated out on a Polish government plane), Qatar, the UAE, and Turkey.

At that point, a complete change was needed and she took to the road on a journey of self-discovery, animal volunteering, writing, pet sitting, and a mission to find the best falafel outside of the Arab world. Her falafel standards are high. Currently in Thailand, after a year and a half traveling through Australasia and SE Asia, she is still trying to figure out where is home, and how to reduce her carbon footprint while doing extensive travel.



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ecofemmag podcast editor

Nebojsa is an audio/video editing guru. He mixes, masters, and works his post-production magic on any audio recording imaginable. This includes restoring and cleaning bad audio, editing audiobooks and podcasts, working on film post-production, and video editing This genius lives in Serbia, a magical place, with a magical energy. Without Nebojsa, ecofemmag podcasts wouldn’t be what they are today. Nebojsa is a rockstar health and feminist maverick and an example for all male feminists.