The Takeaways:

  • We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, but a majority of bedding products are made with synthetic chemicals and dyes
  • Aizome Bedding uses the traditional Japanese practice of dying organic cotton with organic indigo dye to offer safe, chemical-free products that actually improve your skin’s health while you sleep!
  • Indigo, a natural antibacterial and antifungal, has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries to address various health ailments –  high fever, child epilepsy, nosebleeds, sore throat, gum inflammation, tonsillitis, insect or snake bites, and psoriasis.

The skin is the body’s largest organ, and 60-90% of what we put on our skin is directly absorbed into our bloodstream. Just like consuming organic food, free of chemicals and pesticides, is healthy for our bodies, using natural skin care products on our skin is healthy for our cells. But have you ever thought about the chemicals in the clothes you wear or the bedding you sleep in every night, as being potentially toxic for your body?

We spend a third our lives sleeping – that means a third of our lives is spent in bedding of some sort. Misa Muto, and her friend Michel May, realized this after working together in product sales for the same cosmetic company in Japan. They decided to use their shared passions for holistic health, natural skin care and helping others and the planet, to create a company based on these ideals.

Aizome Bedding was born in September 2017, and their new campaign, Indiegogo, was launched on April 30th, 2018. Aizome Bedding is an organic cotton, 100% authentic indigo-dyed bedding product line, with holistic health as the driving force behind the mission. When you sleep in Aizome Bedding products, your skin is soothed by the medicinal benefits of the indigo dye, a plant that has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. Indigo has been used to decrease skin irritation and has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. It also helps increase the durability and strength of the cotton fabric, meaning buying bedding less often.

Aizome Bedding actually helps heal your skin while you sleep.

We don’t often think of our bedding as a contributor to our overall health, but Aizome Bedding is working hard to spread awareness about avoiding synthetic chemicals in the fabrics we use every day and avoiding “flash-fashion”, which often uses synthetic dyes that can be absorbed into our bodies through skin contact.

I hope you have the opportunity to listen to this week’s podcast with Misa because this intriguing, inspiring company has given us access to safe, healthy bedding that our bodies will benefit from every single night. You can listen to the podcast on our website or on iTunes. You can also view the full episode here.

Make sure to check out their Aizome Bedding websiteIndiegogo campaign, and follow them on both Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with all of their news and progress.

Misa is offering a crazy-awesome-secret discount for all of our ecofeminist listeners until June 19th. If you’re interested in purchasing Aizome Bedding, contact Misa and her crew at to find out what the ecofeminist discount is. Be sure to write ECOFEMINIST in the subject line so they’ll know you’re one of our lovely followers.

Thank you, Misa, for coming on the show! You were lovely to speak with and I cannot wait to order my own set of Aizome Bedding with a special pillowcase with my name embroidered on in Japanese!

Misa Muto was born in 1993 and grew up in the countryside of Japan. During high school, she went and studied in Canada as part of an exchange program, and in university, she majored in Corporate Strategies. Her focus was in cosmetic company sales, and she started her career in one of the biggest cosmetic and skincare companies in Japan. She worked in retail and was responsible for sales in more than 20 individual retail stores for two years. She eventually began to feel that what she was doing was not “for the people”, but “for the company”, and decided she wanted to do something bigger that would contribute to society and the world. Michel May, a co-worker, and a close friend shared Misa’s philosophy about business, and they often talked about health and other shared interests, like Michel’s passion for antique Japanese indigo-dyed textiles. Together they discovered the medicinal properties of indigo and the benefits of using it to strengthen fabrics. This, along with their passion for wellness, including getting a restful night’s sleep, and avoiding synthetic chemicals in fabrics, led to them co-found Aizome Bedding.