Taking Gender Equality at Face Value

What is gender equality, really?

Everyone is probably tired of discussing a topic that has triggered baseless arguments and intellectual discourses alike. Yet, we continue to serve it on a plate for someone to define. Perhaps we are only waiting for answers that are in line with our own personal biases.

But see, that is not a definition. It is only another common opinion.

I’ve done my homework and read about its different interpretations online. Most are easy to agree with. I didn’t settle for them, however, because that would only mean I’m only accepting answers that are true to me.

Many essays demand for the same thing: Empower women to achieve gender equality.

My take on this might sound surprising to you, but I assure you that I have a very good reason for it. While many think that we women should strive harder so that we can be superior to men, I think it is enough to be given the same recognition as men.

How can we ask for equality, but want to be above them? Going back to the purpose, we just want to be treated as equals and given the same privileges because we know we can get the same job done.

Men are not the problem. Leaving all the work to them is. This is where the degradation of women entering industries dominated by males comes from. Our skills, knowledge, and strengths are questioned because they are unconventional. Given the chance to prove otherwise, we are actually able to perform just as well, sometimes better.

There is no need to compete at tasks where the end product benefits all mankind. If we are doing things because we are preserving nature or keeping our families safe and healthy, who cares if man or woman made it possible?

As long as this is still a matter to consider, inequality still exists. We need to put an end to it because it is only a distraction from what the more serious concerns are.

If our world is unlivable, what kind of glory will a dominant gender savor? It would be like winning a war without a cause.

Again, what is gender equality?

Gender equality means being given immediate welcome to any field where one is sure to offer fruitful service to the majority. Our survival depends on the cooperation of all. And that is why there is a serious need for it.


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