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It’s that time of year, you’re probably jetting off somewhere nice checking out what’s happening elsewhere on the globe. There are tons of ways to travel greener, but sometimes you just want to go someplace and enjoy it — without all the hassle of constantly thinking of what your carbon footprint is and what restaurants you can choose that are greener.
Believe me, I’m all for green travel and doing the best we can. But I also think that vacation is meant to be enjoyed, so keeping the do-not-disturb sign on your hotelroom door so that there’s less cleaning involved just doesn’t fly with me. It’s the best coming home from a long day of sightseeing to a cleaned bedroom. It’s part of the travel fun.
Then what are other ways to greenify your traveling this year? I think the best way is to think about it while planning your trip. Here’s how:
  1. When booking your lodging. Choose a hotel/resort that is certified green. Perhaps you can choose a hotel that uses green energy.
  2. Pick a green destination. What is the goal of your trip? Are you just looking for a place to relax and lay on the beach? Then choose the destination that’s least far away.
  3. Transportation: are you traveling alone? Then flying might be the most sustainable option. Are you traveling with a group of friends or your family? Then a road-trip might be your greenest option.
  4. The best way to improve the state of our planet is by improving your health. Health foods are better for the planet. So why not book a health/yoga/self-help retreat? At, say, the Omega Institute. It’s a proven fact that your state spreads to others, so take care of you and the ripple effect will continue on.
  5. Why not go someplace and help out? There are tons of projects out there where you can help refugees or wildlife which you can do before or after your vacation while you’re there. That means you can fill up your inner humanitarian bank while enjoying a lavish vacation. It’s another proven fact that when you help others you feel better yourself.
Here’s a list of extras to pack so you don’t have to think too much about being green while traveling:
  1. Bring your own bamboo cutlery that you can just stash in your purse. This avoids any use of plastic utensils while eating food to-go.
  2. Carry your stainless steel water bottle everywhere.
  3. Tiny bottles of your shampoo, toothpaste, etc. and bring them back home if there’s any leftover.
  4. Bring your own stainless steel straw, straws are one of the worst plastics for our oceans.
  5. A little container for your nuts/healthy snack to bring on your adventures. Buy some local healthy snack for your daily sightseeing trips instead of buying an unhealthy sandwich packed in too much packaging.
There is so much you can do, but it has to stay fun. Is it your dream to go to Italy and eat all of the pasta that you can in nine days? Then, by all means, enjoy it! Live your life and have fun. Just be sure to consider these options before going. Maybe all you want to do is lie by the beach and sip mojitos, then go to the closest destination and bring your own straw to sip your sex on the beach with.


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