The Takeaways

  • RipplEffect is a marketing and production company that provides impact experiences which address various societal issues
  • RipplEffect offers hands-on volunteer opportunities to encourage people to take action on issues they find important, by becoming an active part of the community they choose to visit

The ripple effect. We’ve all heard of it. The small drop of water in the still pond; the continuous spreading of an action or idea that gathers momentum with each new liquid ring of consciousness. This is how every movement grows, how every idea becomes widespread, how we band together with our brothers and sisters to make an impact and demand change.

As the ripples wander farther apart, we are brought closer together.

This week’s podcast episode spotlights Lauren Biegler, the founder of RipplEffect, a marketing and production company that creates social impact experiences to spread awareness about social issues and encourages people to take action. While working in a business and development sales role for another company, she had an undeniable sense of unfulfillment in her work. Lauren decided to take action rather than continue to feel like she wasn’t accomplishing anything. And voila, RipplEffect was born.

RipplEffect’s overarching goal is to inspire people, through hands-on volunteering experiences, to take responsibility for issues they care deeply about, to help create change on both a local and global scale. Lauren feels most alive when she’s volunteering or involved with charity work, and I have an overwhelming amount of respect for her for choosing to follow her heart and start an impactful, giving, world-changing business, rather than staying in a role she found unfulfilling.

“You must show up, learn, and take action in your own life to see the changes you want in our world. We are here to help you make that possible.”

I hope you have some time to listen to this podcast, as you may find yourself wanting to be involved in the uplifting work they’re doing. Be sure to check out RipplEffect’s website to read more about what they’re accomplishing in the world. You can stay up-to-date with their movements by following them on Instagram and Facebook.

Thank you, Lauren, for being the powerful, generous, change-making advocate you are and for taking time to be on the show. I cannot wait to see what you and RipplEffect will do next.

Lauren Biegler grew up surrounded by the breathtaking natural world of Colorado, blessed by unlimited access to the mountains and outdoor recreation. She moved to Boston for university, receiving a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Marketing. She then worked for five years at Mashable, a high-growth tech start-up company, in a business and development sales role. After deciding she wanted more purpose in her career, she left Mashable and co-founded We Journey, which is an impact travel company that provides travel experiences to international and domestic destinations. We Journey was incredibly successful, but she saw another opportunity to have a bigger impact in sustainability, and two years later she created RipplEffect. This provided the same services as We Journey, but gave people more support and accessibility.