Christina seriously crushed this podcast interview. At the time of recording, we were about to head to the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal and Christina prepared me, Ellen, on the spot on how to network like a boss and navigate the jungle of the Summit. Christina coached me on the spot which will make you think of how you speak at networking events and to anyone you speak really.

Speaking of which: are you considering attending a couple of networking events this year? I recommend to attend a handful this year to expand your network and work on your speaking skills. #2019goals

Christina Canters is a keynote speaker, communication skills expert and podcast strategist based in Melbourne, Australia. A former Architect, she started her business The C Method to help corporate professionals and business leaders dramatically increase their influence, confidence and impact at work, through learning powerful communication techniques.

An engaging and high-energy speaker, she inspires and educates audiences around the world with her compelling storytelling, passion and humour.

Christina has been podcasting since 2013. Her current show, Stand Out Get Noticed, is one of the top-ranked public speaking and business communication podcasts in iTunes, with over 800,000 downloads.

She is also the CEO of Podcast Services Australia (PSA), which she co-founded with her fiancé Aaron Heath. PSA is an innovative podcast development and training company that helps individuals and organisations maximise their impact through podcasts. PSA won a StartUp Victoria Female Founders award in 2017.
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