Sleep is vitally important for our health and wellbeing. Getting the right amount of quality sleep, at the right time, helps to protect your mental and physical health, as well as improving your quality of life and safety.

To get a good night’s sleep, we need to create the right environment. We spend nearly a third of our life in bed, so we need to get this right.  From the firmness of our mattress, to the weight of our duvet, we need to consider it all – and many people are now choosing organic and natural bedding as the way to a perfect night’s sleep.

Synthetic materials can make you too hot or too cold, leaving you tossing and turning, but natural fibers help by regulating your body temperature. Being naturally breathable, they allow the air to circulate around your body, which keeps moisture away from your body in summer, keeping you cool, and also locks in warmth, to keep you toasty in winter.

The base fibre of your bedding is important, but so are the dyes that decorate it, and one brand that knows this only too well is Aizome. This new bedding brand combines the ancient Japanese art of indigo-dyeing with a modern, innovative approach, to create organic bed linen that treats and soothes your skin while you sleep.

Most people think their skin is an impenetrable barrier, but actually, it absorbs a lot of what we touch through a process called ‘dermal absorption’. This means throughout the night our skin is susceptible to the materials it comes into contact with.

Research has shown that indigo dye has hugely beneficial medicinal properties. It stimulates the immune system and acts as a natural antibacterial, by preventing harmful bacteria building up in the bedding. This promotes good skin health and better sleep.

Aizome uses natural, organic cotton bedding, which is also much more environmentally friendly than products made using synthetics. The production of conventional cotton, which is used in most bedding, negatively impacts everyone who encounters it, from the farmers who work with the pesticides sprayed on the crops, to the individuals who process the fabrics with dyes. All parts of the process have harmful health effects. The most damaging effects, however, occurs in our soils. The pesticides contaminate and deplete nutrients that help plants grow naturally. The process of dying with natural dyes such as indigo, however, uses 200 times less water than chemical dyeing does. The lack of chemicals also means the wastewater can be used to fertilize fields, which returns nutrients to the soil, rather than depleting it further.

Having natural bedding could be the best thing you do for your body while you sleep. It can reduce hidden chemical dangers, allergies, temperature issues, and the overall unexplained discomfort found in conventional bedding.

So, we say, be kind to yourself, and invest in a third of your life! A safe, comfortable, good night’s sleep is always worth waking up from.