Drowning in Plastic: Here are the Facts and Possible Solutions

By now, most of us are painfully aware that our oceans are essentially suffocating from the millions of pieces of plastic that have found their way out to sea. Our marine life is dwindling, the water is severely contaminated with micro-plastics, and the Great Garbage Patch grows exponentially every single day.

It’s alarming and heart wrenching, and it feels like TOO big of a problem sometimes; many of us wonder “how can I, one person, make a difference in an issue this big?” The simple truth: you CAN make an impact.

Here at ECOFEMINIST Magazine, we love nothing more than collaborating with individuals and businesses to spread inspiration and motivation to elevate humanity, but to also fire each other up when we start to feel deflated day-after-day fighting the same fights. Today, we wanted to share an article with you, our fellow radiant ecofeminists, that found its way into our inbox written by Wendy Lipscomb, co-creator of the website It’s A Fish Thing.

Check out her article about plastic pollution in the oceans, Plastic is Killing Our Oceans – The Issues, Facts, and Possible Solutions, where she shares her knowledge on the issue with possible solutions to this quickly growing problem.

To our readers, we cannot thank you enough for your concern, dedication, and mindfulness about protecting and preserving Mother Earth, and your ongoing support for ECOFEMINIST Magazine. And please, remember this: yes, your actions make an impact.