Want to Give Eco-Friendly, Meaningful Gifts? GreenGiftBox Could Be the Answer

The Takeaways:

  • Giving gifts can be difficult when you want to give something with meaning, but also something the receiver will appreciate and use. GreenGiftBox is an option to help solve that problem
  • GreenGiftBox is an online store where you can purchase sustainable, environmentally-friendly gifts that benefit the giver, receiver, and the producer
  • There are two options: The Christmas Box and the Green Gift Box, perfect for any holiday or gift-giving occasion

Most cultures have long standing traditions, some of which are more eco-friendly than others. In Holland around the holiday season, employers often give their employees something called a Christmas Box, which is typically filled with food items and other small gifts. After World War II, companies wanted to give extra food to their workers during the holiday season, and this became a tradition which nestled itself into the culture and which the citizens of Holland refused to let fade.

Jolanda Koedood worked in the Christmas gift promotion industry for many years, but realized the lack of environmental responsibility these companies were practicing. She, like so many others in the world, was concerned with the amount of waste and plastic circulating the globe, and decided to give back to the world, rather than continue taking from it.

This week’s podcast episode features Jolanda, founder of GreenGiftBox. The purpose of her company is to shift the culture of giving during the holidays. Her focus is to encourage others to choose mindful, environmentally-friendly gifts, rather than meaningless gifts that end up at the back of the closet for years to come. With her online store, she provides eco-friendly, responsibly-made products that are good for the receiver, the giver, and the creator. What’s more, as a gift giver, you can choose one of two options: 1) the Christmas Box, or 2) the Green Gift Box.

In purchasing the Christmas Box, the gift receiver is given a personal code which allows them to choose their own gifts with the intention that the gift will actually be used and appreciated. The Green Gift Box has various options of recycled, eco-friendly, ethical products, from socks to bags to beauty products, and many other sustainable products.

Are you looking for a way to give a gift with meaning this upcoming holiday season? Or maybe for a birthday, graduation, or wedding celebration? Be sure to check out Jolanda’s GreenGiftBox website for inspiration (heads up though, it’s all in Dutch!), and listen to our podcast to learn more about her company. You can listen to the podcast here on our site or on iTunes.

Thank you, Jolanda, for being on the show! I know where I’ll be doing some of my holiday shopping this year, and I can’t wait to purchase an GreenGiftBox. Be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram for GreenGiftBox updates!