Written by Brittany Shenk

In the past, my nightly skin-care routine felt like a chore; like a big obnoxious obstacle between me and snuggling up in my blankets before drifting off to sleep. My bedtime prep – make-up removal, face washing, moisturizing, teeth brushing, flossing – the whole process bummed me out, so as a result I’d mindlessly rush through it. The goal was SLEEP NOW, ASAP. I never considered slowing down and turning my skin and teeth care routine into a ritual. I’m not sure what sparked the break in this pattern, but something inside me shifted and I realized I was wasting energy dreading my bedtime routine, when this process could be an opportunity for me to check-in with myself every evening and rejuvenate my spiritual being. Win win win.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, I can tell you with 100% honesty that I looove preparing my body for sleep. I look forward to it every single night. TIP: find companies that align with your values who also sprinkle a little soul-dust into each of their products (like fairy dust, but better). Here at ecofemmag, we fiercely support eco-beauty businesses who walk softly on our planet, give back to Mother Earth, are transparent about their product ingredients, and have ethical and sustainable production practices.

This week, ecofemmag is focusing on eco-beauty products, companies, tips, and advice. We’re a tight-knit team, and though we’re spread out around the globe, we like doing things together whenever we can. So, we want to share our daily go-to eco-beauty and skin-care products with you, our readers, our sisters, our friends, our soulmates. These products energize us from the outside in, and are created by companies we hold dear to our hearts.



Bright Red Lipstick by NUI Berlin, color Aroha

  • Why she loves it:
    • The color is so bright!
    • It’s natural, vegan, gluten-free, and organic

Plain Organic Argan Oil for hair and skin

  • Why she loves it:
    • She prefers using simple oils rather than blends sometimes because the oils on their own are magical
    • She loves having a bit of a dewy look (thanks to the oil on her skin!)

Lush Seanik Plastic-Free Shampoo Bar

    • Why she loves it:
      • It’s made with seaweed, sea salt, and lemon, for volume and shine
      • It’s plastic-free, yayyy, and it makes hair really voluminous and shiny
      • Rubbing a bar on your head is super fun (we love playtime, anytime)
      • It makes hair super-foamy


Schmidt’s Naturals Deodorant, Lavender-Sage Scent

  • Why she loves it:
    • Super long-lasting
    • Delicious, but subtle scent
    • It has saved the lives of many of her shirts

Coconut Oil, Organic, & Unrefined

  • Why she loves it:
    • Have 100 problems? Coconut oil solves 99 of ‘em
    • She uses it to take makeup off & to hydrate her skin
    • Also applies it to every blemish, infection, rash, almost anything really – she even puts it on her cats to protect them from ticks

Lush Seanik Plastic-Free Shampoo Bar

Quick side-note: Yes, she and Ellen picked the same shampoo and we all giggled after realizing it. We could’ve selected another product to showcase but honestly, I think it’s important for everyone to know that they both love this bar. That also means I’ll be testing it out soon, too.

  • Why she loves it:
    • Doesn’t need to wash her hair every single day
    • The smell is amazinggg
    • It makes cute foam crowns (sensing a theme here? At ecofemmag, we prioritize play, I mean, doesn’t everyone foam their hair up into mohawks in the shower to see how long they can stand up?)
    • Saves on plastic packaging
    • It’s vegan!


Evan Healy Rose and Vetiver Daily Moisturizer

  • Why I love it:
    • I can feel the velvety cream nourishing my skin immediately, as I massage it into my pores
    • The smell is so earthy and grounding
    • Packaged in a glass jar (not plastic)
    • The company, Evan Healy. I vibe with them <3

Evan Healy Rose Geranium Facial Tonic HyrdoSoul

  • Why I love it:
    • The first time I sprayed this baby on my face, it felt like I had just walked out of the salon from getting a facial – soooo hydrating for the skin
    • My fav part of my skin-care routine, I definitely look forward to spritzing my face with this hydrotonic every day
    • Smells like a rose garden
    • Light, airy, gives my skin an extra boost anytime throughout the day
    • Packaged in a glass spritzer bottle
    • LOVE the company

Dental Lace Refillable Silk Floss

  • Why I love it:
    • Not really a beauty product, but because of Dental Lace, I’m always so pumped to floss my teeth, simply because of how cute the little bottle is, and the fact that the product is eco-friendly
    • Glass refillable jar, instead of a plastic box, whoop-whoop!
    • Silk-based floss, so it can be tossed into the compost bin
    • My gums have never been healthier, seriously

What are your favorite can’t-live-without, daily go-to eco-beauty, or self-care products? Is there a product in your routine that makes you feel giddy every time you use it? Or a company you hold hands with every single day, that you want the whole world to know about? We want to hear from you, because we are so inspired by you and the way you exist in the world. You may know about companies we’ve never heard of, companies that need our support and love, too.

Let’s keep the ripple effect going, and together we’ll spread the love as far and wide as we can.