Eight Tips To Bring Feminine Principles Into Your Life

A Path to Wholeness

Feminine and masculine are both opposing and complementary energies, as portrayed by Yin and Yang in Chinese tradition. Yet, they are inseparable aspects of the same consciousness, and it’s the balance of both that can potentially spark creation and wholeness in our lives. Consider these examples: an orchid’s soft beauty will only survive if it is firmly rooted in the ground. Similarly, a dog’s directness is appreciated when complemented by the tenderness of his loyalty. In the creation of life, it is the receptive, safeguarding feminine energy that welcomes the assertive, persevering male energy to culminate in fruitfulness.

Feminine principles are driving forces and without them their masculine counterparts are not whole. Here are some feminine principles, and suggestions on how to incorporate each of them into our lives.


When we surrender, we yield to what is, and in turn, let go of what is not. Surrendering means to humbly release control and melt into cooperative willingness. The next time you’re in a conversation that seems like a debate between who’s right and who’s wrong, make the decision to let go, releasing your attachments like a cloud into the sky. Do it with a humble smile, allowing softness to fill your heart.



Some people resist receiving life’s abundance; perhaps because they deem themselves unworthy of it. Notice how you feel when someone is contributing to your life, whether it be with a simple act of kindness, an unexpected gift, or a compliment. Set aside any bashful feelings, take a deep breath to inhale life’s goodness, and thank them like you mean it.



Fish are the masters of flow. Gliding upstream without complaint, these creatures move with continuous ease through their environment, at an organic rhythm and serene pace. The next time you’re caught in traffic, forget the frowning and fussing. If it’s not flowing on the streets, make it flow inside your car, with some soothing music, an audiobook, or by practicing your upcoming presentation. Or just take a moment to enjoy doing nothing in a world that’s so non-stop.



The capacity to be totally present with someone else’s experience is an ability that the world desperately needs and few possess. When someone shares their troubles with you, forget dishing out advice, pointing out what the lesson is, or talking about how you’ve experienced similar situations. Just sit with them, empty of thoughts and full of heart, and silently accompany them in whatever part of the process they’re experiencing.



A caring disposition goes hand-in-hand with empathy and optimism. By giving people the benefit of the doubt and trusting that their intentions are innately harmless, we can learn to care about others deeply. This implies kindness, thoughtfulness, and patience. If someone disappoints you with something they’ve done, try getting curious instead of furious. The reason people do what they do is always self-supporting.



The ability to appreciate beauty and enjoy sensual pleasures allows us to radiate with gratitude for our human experience. How can you make your life more beautiful today? Buy (or make!) a pleasing decoration, or treat someone to a home-baked dessert and make it a point to feel its texture, inhale its aroma, and admire its colors.



Embracing and expressing our truest, deepest selves, and finding strength in our sensitivities, is one of the most courageous and powerful journeys on which we can embark. Vulnerability deepens relationships and allows for greater intimacy. What have you been hiding from yourself and others for so long? What is it that makes you feel like you want to crawl into a hole? Seek out a trusted friend and ask if they’re willing to listen to your brave self-expression.



In a world where materialism, information, and fear have tricked us into consistently living in our heads, it’s crucial to learn how to reconnect with our intuition; that deep, mindless knowing that exists within the body and outside the intellect. Connect with your body by closing your eyes and perceiving subtle sensations. Take walks in nature and savor your surroundings. Sleep with a notebook to record your dreams and make journaling a habit. Listen to the insights that unexpectedly arise from within.

As individuals, we could each benefit tremendously from nurturing more feminine energy in ourselves. Now, which of these will you choose to focus on this week?