Written by Brittany Shenk

HAPPY PODCAST THURSDAY, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: we are so pumped to have Emma Loewe, the sustainability editor at mindbodygreen, on our podcast this week. All of us here at ecofemmag are huge fans of her work and often pop over to mbg to skim Emma’s latest articles. Her voice is powerful, yet gentle, and we find inspiration in her ability to stay optimistic about healing the planet, which is not always an easy thing to do.

Fun fact about Emma: she studied Environmental Science at Duke University to learn how to spread awareness about environmental issues through storytelling. Another fun fact? That’s exactly what she’s doing. AKA: she’s crushin’ it.

One of the reasons we wanted to bring Emma onto the show – other than the fact that we’re a little #obsessed – was to chat about a book she recently co-authored, The Spirit Almanac: A Modern Guide To Ancient Self-Care. The title alone makes my heart vibrate. Her book is a seasonal guide to improving overall wellness using ancient rituals, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. 

“Our main intention with the book was to add a little bit more meaning and purpose behind self-care…we really wanted to weave in some of the history behind some more self-care practices to add a little bit more context.”

We hope you can set aside 20 minutes of your day to listen to this podcast with Emma. Her passion for self-care, environmental activism, and sharing news through storytelling rings loud and clear, and we need more energy like that bouncing around in the universe.

We encourage all of you to check out Emma’s website, and follow her on mindbodygreen and Instagram. Thank you Emma, from the bottom of our hearts, for setting aside time to chat with us on the ecofemmag podcast. We’re thrilled to see what you do next.


Emma Loewe is a NYC-based writer and editor. She is currently the Sustainability Editor at mindbodygreen. She graduated from Duke University with a degree in Environmental Science in 2015 and is fascinated by how people interact with nature. She loves being outside, taking photos, and finding creative ways to write about sustainability. She is the co-author of The Spirit Almanac: A Modern Guide To Ancient Self-Care, a collection of spiritual rituals pegged to the four seasons.