Written by Brittany Shenk

The ocean is one of the purest forms of magic I’ve ever encountered. Her depth. Her vastness. Her sparkling, glittery surface. Her playful wildlife & intelligent plant children. Her rhythmic waves, the never-ending heartbeat of Earth herself. She is soft. She is powerful. She is a home, a coach, an entity, a friend, a mother, a sister, and a goddess.

She cannot be owned. She cannot be controlled. She is a being. One that must be treated with respect, love, kindness, and compassion.

This week we spoke with Eve Isambourg, otherwise known as @theecoblogger, about her campaign I Speak Blue, Too. Eve has a bone-deep connection to Mother Ocean & created this movement to provide a community for all ocean lovers around the world to feel less alone in their fight to protect her.

Eve spent her teenage years living on an island in the Indian Ocean with her family. This is where she developed her connection with nature & her intimate relationship with the sea. A relationship she described as similar to that of a mother and child:

“The comparison could be the same [as that between] parents and their children. They love their children, so they care about their children and want to protect their children… When you love something, then you care, and want to protect that thing.”

She’s a worldwide wave-chaser, an entrepreneur, an ocean protector, a graceful writer, a yoga instructor, a student of the universe. This is a podcast episode you won’t want to miss. Her spark is absolutely contagious. Thank you, Eve, for being on the show, we’re like little kids jumping up and down with too much excitement in our little bodies waiting to see what you’ll do next to help heal the planet.

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