Welcome, Dr. Elizabeth Trattner, to the ECOFEMINIST magazine podcast, again! I had such an engaging interview with her the first time around, we decided to record an additional session to continue discussing the broad range of knowledge she has to share. If you didn’t have the chance to listen to our first episode with Dr. Elizabeth Trattner, you’ll definitely want to listen to this week’s podcast – and go back and listen to her first episode if you have the time.

A few (of the many) facts about Dr. Trattner:

  • She’s a doctor of Chinese Medicine
  • She’s an Integrative Medicine Practitioner
  • She’s a natural gourmet chef
  • She’s a mother
  • She’s on the Global Institute for Beauty Meets Wellness
  • And she also has a chronic autoimmune disorder

During this podcast, Dr. Trattner and I focused specifically on women’s hormonal health. As a doctor of Chinese Medicine, she looks at the entire body from a 360-degree standpoint. She looks at past events, current events, eating patterns, stress levels, physical and emotional symptoms, along with a number of other contributing factors, to help address hormonal imbalances and realign her patient’s overall health.

Throughout our conversation, she had a clear, empowering message for all women: if a certain activity, dietary routine, or daily lifestyle worked for you in the past or worked for your best friend, co-worker, family member, or great-aunt, that doesn’t mean it’s right for your body at this moment. As we move through our lives, our bodies change, our needs shift, and there is no one routine that works for everyone. There are times when we need to practice gentle self-care and other days when we have the energy to move with more intention. Pause, take a breath and be mindful of the messages your body is sending.

Period tracking applications, avoiding harmful chemicals and hormone disruptors, using natural beauty products, and consuming wholesome, organic foods are all recommendations Dr. Trattner discusses during this podcast for addressing hormone health. She also talks about non-food focused detoxes, such as transitioning synthetic cleaning and beauty products to natural products and also consciously detoxing from technology on a regular basis.

“Celebrate being a woman, celebrate being with woman, celebrate being you because only you are you.”

I sincerely enjoy conversing with Dr. Trattner, and I’ll take any opportunity I can. She holds an extraordinary passion for health, wellness, and women empowerment, and in listening to her speak, that loving energy lifts my spirits. I hope you all can set aside some time today to listen to this podcast because her energy is contagious.

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Dr. Elizabeth Trattner has been practicing Chinese and Integrative medicine in Miami since 1991, specializing in women’s health. Elizabeth is a graduate of University of Arizona’s Center of Integrative Medicine, holds a chef certificate from the Natural Gourmet Institute and received Shamanic training and initiation. She’s a current Member of the Global Wellness’ Beauty Meets Wellness Initiative Committee and is a contributing expert for hundreds of publications and digital media.