Written by Nancymarie B. @sincerelynancymarie

We’re witnessing more and more humans becoming environmentally aware and realizing the damage we’re inflicting on our Mother Earth with the products we use every day. We’re demanding changes. Lots of changes. From throwing out toxic cleaning products to choosing long-lasting LED bulbs over regular light bulbs. The options can be overwhelming at times, and we’re here to remind you that this transition won’t necessarily take place overnight. Being an eco-feminist is about learning a little more each day and focusing on taking one step at a time. It’s a process, sis. In the age of Instagram-worthy faces, we understand how important eco-friendly skincare is to you. These four eco-friendly skincare brands were started in homes like yours and are now serving people all around the world.


More than just an intriguing name, Dirty Hippie Cosmetics, and its customers, sleep well at night knowing they are a part of a guilt-free brand. From their cruelty-free practices, and their ethical sourcing, to their eco-friendly packaging, and refill options, this skincare line has it all. They even discourage overseas customers from sending back empty recyclable bottles due to the amount of air miles that would be consumed. Grab an assortment of their best soaps, some reusable makeup remover pads, or an invigorating perfume – and then go back for more.

Their Kombucha Orange Shampoo bar is truly divine.


“What you put on your skin should be safe enough to eat; or if it can’t be eaten then it must be proven to be harmless.” Anne’s Apothecary takes the well-being of her customers seriously and it shows in her philosophy and life. Anne, a nurse and former beauty queen, is committed to giving people skincare that they can love and trust. Glass packaging or PET plastics are used for all products, and mineral-rich, naturally occuring materials, are used in her skincare. Tend to all of your skin care needs with natural oral hygiene products, detoxifying clay masks, and aromatherapy soaps.

Give your skin what it needs and wants, with the Clay Mask with Activated Charcoal.


Nine years ago, Stevonne Ratliff was suffering from multiple skin issues and developed the solution to her—and other women’s—problems. Ratliff set out to create an eco-friendly and effective vegan/vegetarian skincare solution, specifically for women of color, as the market had few options at the time. She turned to Brazil and started hand-mixing some of the most healing herbs and oils she found there. Thus, Beija Flor Naturals was born. Now the company offers a hair care line and has two California lifestyle boutiques, called Concept Forty-Seven. Pamper you skin with soothing cleansers, silky body butters, natural deodorants, and more.

For a bit of heaven and a ton of moisture, try her CoCo Mango Buttercream.


Chey Birch was inspired to name her brand Black Chicken Remedies by a bowl and a legend. With every product she makes and every customer she caters to, she honors life and intention. Black Chicken Remedies’ products are 100 percent natural, certified organic, and free of toxic ingredients like fillers, perfumes, and dyes. Chey has all your skincare needs covered, from exfoliants to serums, and if you are not ready to commit, why not opt for some samples?

Buff away that dull dead skin. It’s your time to shine with the Love Your Body Polish.  

The world of eco-friendly skincare is still developing, as is the eco-conscious movement. With skincare brands such as these, we have a lot to get excited about as choices and awareness increase. Maybe you have an eco-friendly skincare idea that you’d like to share with the world? Now is the right time to make it a reality, and please let us know what you create so we can support you in every way we possibly can. We see you, sister, go create that big, beautiful vision and share your gift with the world.