Written by Brittany Shenk

Have you ever wondered what two entrepreneurs with excessive downtime and a deep love for peanut butter can create?

It’s okay if you haven’t, that’s not something we ponder every day, either. But the result for Abhi and Alex, founders of Fracture, was extraordinary.

We may have to bring (more) peanut butter to our team meetings from here on out…


Adhi Lokesh and Alex Theodore created Fracture in 2008. After discussing their common interests, they realized print-making has remained unchanged for decades. Because of this, they decided to level-up the printmaking game and created Fracture prints. Fractures are your digital images printed in vivid colors onto glass.

Really. Freakin’. Cool.

Our focus here at ecofemmag is to interact with nature more often, but that can be challenging. However, adding pictures of nature to your space is a great way to keep that post-nature-high we all crave. So, we had to order Fractures of our favorite nature images and see what the hype was all about.

After we had our delivery in hand, Ellen and I ripped open the boxes like small children during the holidays. Our eye bulged out of our head. Our jaws dropped. We looked scary-similar to the cartoon characters we grew up with in the 90s. Think, Alice, after falling down the rabbit hole. The Fracture prints of her daughter, Sally, were stunning, unlike any print either of us had ever seen. The colors were seamless, the quality was stunning.


The rockstars at Fracture are passionate about Mother Earth – another reason why we love them. This October, they’re challenging all us to take action for the betterment of our Earth. You can be as creative as you’d like in the process. If you take part the challenge you’ll be eligible to win $135 worth of Fracture prints, be sure to follow the guidelines:

Focus On Moments Guidelines
1) Post an image of your act-of-kindness on instagram
2) Tag @fractureme
3) Include the hashtag #FocusOnMoments
4) (Hopefully) win some cool stuff

That’s what we like to call a pretty sweet win-win scenario. 


Need some inspiration for their Focus On Moments campaign? Check out their instagram page to see what other people have done to care for the environment. Pop over to their website to read about their journey, products, and get to know the founders a little better.

Alex and Adhi, we’d recommend your prints to anyone. Serious props to you. Keep those revolutionary ideas flowing. And may your cabinets always be stocked with your favorite peanut butter.