To your soul from ours,

We, the collective at ecofemmag, want you to know that we’re on your team. We’re wearing the same jersey, shooting for the same basket, proudly rocking similar grass stains on our white pants, & we’re on the bench cheering for you when you’re up to bat. You’ll hear our voices chanting your name, we’ll high-five you on your way back to the sidelines. It doesn’t matter how talented you are, how fast you can run, how much money you have, or how many people know your name; if you show up and play from your heart, we promise to never let you feel alone.

We are a council of raw, authentic women; we are not experts in any one field. We are not standing on a pedestal presenting a powerpoint slideshow expecting you to take notes or be prepared for a pop quiz. We are a collaboration of souls who managed to find each other on this enormous, divine planet. We were called to one another because we share the same mission: to raise the vibes of Momma Earth; to remind humanity that we are Earth, not in control of or separate from her. We believe that everything we do, every thought we have, every person we meet, every decision we make, it all comes back to Earth.

We believe in the power of play. Wholeheartedly.

We are quirky. We are children at heart, wild women, new-wave entrepreneurs. Our business meetings are a healthy balance of uncontrollable giggles, badass boss lady strategic planning, & creative playtime. We hold meetings with Earth & Money to help guide us each day, to decide what to do next. We trust them. We trust ourselves (well, we try).

We put biodegradable glitter on our bellies just to feel radiant. We try to sync our feminine cycles up to the moon, but sometimes still wonder, “…am I doing this right?” There are days when we feel overcome with sadness. We feel our emotions deep in our bones. We use our hands as extensions of our own hearts. Some days we eat too much bread, other days we forget to drink enough water. We talk about periods and vaginas and orgasms openly without judgment, we smell our own armpits simply out of curiosity. We know that behind every photo on Instagram, there’s a real human, experiencing a colorful spectrum of emotions, and that one virtual snapshot is only a tiny piece of their complex existence.

We are curious. We are wanderers. We are mothers, wives, and nomads. We are not always correct, but we are always honest. We dance proudly at weddings because any ceremony of love is worth celebrating. We have our own individual struggles, but what we’ve found in each other makes them sting a little less.

We are unapologetically ourselves.

We are not strictly vegan, zero-waste, avoidant of all harmful chemicals. Nor do we live a completely 100% sustainable lifestyle, because life is a beautiful, messy thing. But we work hard every day to walk as lightly as we can on the planet, and we try let go of the eco-guilt vibes that may surface. We need less negativity bouncing around in the universe. Ladies & gentlemen, we know this is hard sometimes, so we remind each other to feel the feels. To let the emotion sink it, feel it, move that energy around, paint with it, dance with it, and then channel it into the mission engraved on our bones to heal this planet. So please, be kind to yourself, be kind to your neighbors, be kind to Mother Earth.

Forgive yourself for your imperfections, because honey, they are not imperfections at all.

Our ecofemmag platform is for all of us to grow together, to rise together, to learn together, to share what we discover with one another. We want to learn from you, we want to know what your soul is curious about, what your heart grabs onto when you’ve found yourself down a rabbit hole of articles on the internet (we’ve all been there). What is it that re-energizes your soul?

We are the megaphone for Momma Earth, conscious humans & businesses. How can we help share your spark with the world?

With all the love in the universe,

Your ecofemmag team


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash