This week’s podcast is a little different than most. I recently took a trip to Portugal, a place I hold close to my heart and feel at home upon every return. Some of my roots are still grounded in her forest, and I’ll never forget living there among the trees, off-grid, barefoot, wandering free, a curious child of mother Earth.

I’d like to share apart of myself with you, my listeners, I don’t get the opportunity to connect with my fellow ecofeminists as much as I’d like to through podcast interviews. I feel the support and love flowing in from each and every one of you, and I hope that by sharing my journey that connection will continue to blossom. I hope our mission on this planet will weave together tighter, our energies will dance closer with one other, and our joined hands will tighten as we face and fight the destruction of this beautiful planet together.

I cannot thank you enough for supporting ECOFEMINIST Magazine. You, my dears, are my heroes, and expressing my gratitude through words will never surmount to the gratitude I feel in my heart.

Thank you, ecofeminists, & I sincerely hope you enjoy this episode.

With love and admiration,