The Soil Association Natural Certification


When it comes to protecting the planet, there are some brands that get it right time and time again. The Soil Association, based in the UK is one of them. The Soil Association is a certification that is known worldwide and is highly respected by companies and consumers.

History of the Soil Association

The Soil Association has a long and illustrious history, dating back to 1946 and a craving for a better, more sustainable world. The founding principles of the organization then were much as they are now, fueled by a desire to learn how to farm, live and eat in ways which balance the needs of the environment and animal welfare. Soil Association Certification makes up the independent certification body of the Soil Association. The body inspects organic businesses and awards prestigious organic certification on those which meet their requirements.

Understanding Organic Standards

The Soil Association organic symbol is used on around 70% of all organic products, making it the most widely recognisable symbol of its kind. Trusted throughout the UK as a means of understanding which products are the most ethical and sustainably sourced, the symbol can be used only on products which adhere to the Soil Associations stringent standards. There are other animal welfare, environmental and wildlife protection standards available, such as the RSPCA Freedom label, the Lion Mark and the Red Tractor label, but the Soil Association is the most widely used and respected.

Creating Positive Change

The Soil Association undertakes a broad range of different sustainability projects, understanding there are multiple solutions to the problems inherent in our wasteful food culture. As acknowledged champions of sustainability, organic practices and principles, the organisation works tirelessly to bring about real and sustained change which improves the food culture of the UK. Whether supporting farmers to discover more ecological methods of working, or teaching the next generation of organic farmers how to be more inventive in their sustainability projects, the Soil Association is an admirable and progressive organisation worthy of support.

Wondering whether your brand is Soil Association-worthy? Find out more about certification and how to use the Soil Association label here or find out more about the Soil Association’s support for UK businesses when going organic or see their campaign for better food via the official website.


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