Written by Brittany Shenk

Green Sea Guard. Even the name of this company paints a colorful picture of a powerful team of guardians poised and ready to save the Earth. Protectors of the ocean. Defenders of the water. This eco-focused company is in active forward motion to keep harmful emissions out of our water system. These are true ocean heroes.

This week, Anita Bradshaw, the woman behind the operations of the Green Sea Guard, joined us for another episode of the ecofemmag podcast. Anita spent 28 years in the finance sector before she found herself in the renewable energy scene, and the work she’s accomplishing with Green Sea Guard is truly remarkable.

When most of us talk about ‘emissions’, we’re usually referring to cars, planes, and factories, but we often forget the huge carbon dioxide contribution made by ships and other watercraft. Green Sea Guard provides (and installs) equipment to evaluate the  emissions released by watercraft in order to improve the overall efficiency of the fleets, but also to bring awareness to the extremely high amounts of carbon emissions this industry produces.

The Green Sea Guard is a team of both paid and volunteer employees, and the majority of them have been involved from day one, around four and a half years ago. These humans are changing the world for the better, and I thank each and every one of them from the depth of my soul.

“There are so many little things we can all do every day, and sometimes it’s quite easy to think ‘Oh, this doesn’t really matter,’ but it’s all about every single one of us going that extra mile. We can really make a difference.”

Curious about how Green Sea Guard monitors ship emissions? Are you itching to learn more about Anita and how she found herself working with this sea-changing project? This episode is only 24 minutes long – so be sure to pencil us in sometime today or this weekend. Don’t have time? Listen while you wash those dishes, or on your evening walk. Turn podcast learning into a family activity, maybe swapping out that evening TV show for a podcast chat. This podcast episode is bound to provoke lots of stimulating round-the-table discussions.

Want to follow the Green Sea Guard’s progress? Click here to read more about them and the work they’re doing on their website. They’re also active on Twitter and Facebook, but they spend more time actually installing and monitoring, rather than posting to social media, so be patient with their updates!