Written by Brittany Shenk

The Takeaways:

  • Green Tech Challenge is a business that connects small green start-ups with consultants and investors through a four-day growth programme to give the start-up the boost it needs to thrive
  • It’s free for start-ups to participate. That’s right, it’s FREE, but the start-up does have to make it through a selection process
  • Start-ups are selected based on their impact on the environment, the strength of the team, the scalability of the business model, and the current traction of the business

Technology is cool. I mean, it’s really cool. I get up in the morning, journal, with a cup of spicy chai, and set intentions for the day, all while wrapped up in my favorite blanket, and then I get to turn on my computer and connect with my ecofemmag team who are scattered all around the world. Technology has allowed me to ‘open my tap’, to realign with my earthly values, to find my soul mates, to feel creative and valued, and to play my part in healing Mama Earth. My ideal job would not exist without technology. And neither would the awe-inspiring, creative innovations that are popping up all over the planet to move humanity forward, preserve and protect our Earth, and minimize our impact on the planet.

Technology is not necessarily the dark side, or the reason for the current state of our planet. It’s the values and souls behind the technology that matter.

Light souls using technology for good = big wins for the planet.

Green Tech Challenge, co-founded by Frederik van Deurs, is one of the many supernovas of the tech industry, beaming with light and hope for humanity’s future. In our podcast episode this week, Ellen spoke with Frederick about the beauty of the tech world, and how they’re using it to connect start-up companies with consultants, lawyers, accountants, strategists, anyone they feel would be a solid fit for the company to grow and expand as quickly as possible.

They offer free four-day growth programmes for start-up companies to participate in. Let’s say that again, the programmes are free for start-up companies. As long as the start-up is established (and not just an idea of a company), it’s fair game. Simply go to their website and click “STARTUPS APPLY NOW”, to take your eco-business up a couple of dozen notches.

There is a selection process: they pick startups based on their environmental impact, the strength of the team, the traction (revenue and funding), and the overall scalability of the business model. If you’re making more with less and have massive impact potential, they’ll see you.

Frederik is one of those humans with a clear, raw vision, and he aligns with his mission with every choice he makes – you can hear it in his voice. This guy is the real deal, and I promise you’ll be inspired by listening to how he sees the world, and the business he’s created to help evolve humanity in that direction. He’s got a podcast too, so be sure to check it out after you listen to our lovely chat with him.

“Right now, if we don’t fix this planet situation, it doesn’t matter if we have equal rights, it doesn’t matter if we have no child mortality rates, it doesn’t matter if we have education if we fought illiteracy or fought hunger. It doesn’t matter if we got to a certain standard of living that the royalty in the 1700s couldn’t even imagine for lower-middle-class people. Nothing matters if we’ve destroyed the planet. And that is definitely something worth getting up in the morning for.”

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