herbs health and harmony with jennifer gerrity of mountain rose herbs

The Takeaways:

  • Mountain Rose Herbs is a herb, health, and harmony company that works closely with farmers around the globe to source high-quality, organic herbs in regions that naturally support specific varieties
  • The Fair for Life Gardens project is a fair trade exchange with farms in India that focus on improving working conditions, growing practices, and building relationships with farmers
  • Jennifer’s current three favorite botanicals are Ashwangandha, American Ginseng, and Camellia Sinensis. Not sure what those are? Listen to the full episode to find out more. 

Mountain Rose Herbs has grown to a worldwide phenomenon since its establishment in 1987. And for good reason. If you’re at all interested in high-quality herbs then there’s a big chance that you’ve heard of the company.

I had the chance to visit the Mountain Rose Herbs store in Eugene, OR when I was visiting last September. The feeling when you walk into the store is as though you’re walking into an old-timey apothecary. The dark woods, minimal light pouring in through the small windows up high, even the packaging of their products looks rustic from another era.

The spokesperson at Mountain Rose Herbs whom I got to interview is the wonderful, intelligent and very kind Jennifer Gerrity. Jennifer is the Executive Director of Operations. Jennifer has a Bachelor’s degree in Plant Science from Rutgers University, where she specialized in plant propagation and agribusiness management.

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone with a bigger passion for plants than Jennifer. What a joy to get to pick her brain about plants, and to hear her describe how she has witnessed and been a part of Mountain Rose Herbs and seen the company grow over the 14 years she has been with the company.

MRH gives back which has become an important aspect of what they do: the Fair for Life Gardens program which Jennifer has been a large player in. In the podcast episode, Jennifer explains what the importance is of this program and how it helps farmers and plants in various countries.

“People that get turned on to working with plants in whatever capacity it ends up being changes their lives in a way because it brings so much inspiration and so many health-giving properties.”

– Jennifer Gerrity, COO, Mountain Rose Herbs

Jennifer Gerrity is the Executive Director of Mountain Rose Herbs, located in Eugene, Oregon. Jennifer was born into the world surrounded by nature and plant life, and spent the majority of her youth researching and seeking out various plants in her free time. She continued this passion into her career path and received a bachelor’s degree in plant science from Rutger’s and specialized in plant propagation and agro-business management. She focused on tropical agriculture, bioremediation, and tissue culture. After her studies, she continued researching for both the university and for the EPA before claiming Eugene, Oregon as her forever home.


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