How to Become a ‘Greenfluencer’

There has been a seismic shift in the way ‘eco-information’ is shared and in who is listening to whom. Green has gone mainstream. Green living is no longer the domain of the hippy, everywhere you turn there are claims of zero waste, carbon neutral and organic. And it would appear consumers are ready and onboard to embrace the green movement.

Of course, that brings challenges. As consumer demand for ‘green’ increases, brands and manufacturers scramble to find green credentials to woo the market. In return, the green experts cry ‘greenwashing’, whilst consumers cry ‘help’ as they don’t know which sources to trust.

Many consumers are now turning to what is becoming known as the ‘greenfluencers’. These are bloggers and experts from various backgrounds. Those that have credentials consumers can trust, such as leaders of environmental groups. As well as those that are learning as they go and taking others along the journey of discovery with them.

Are you a budding environmentalist and want to learn from others? Or an environmental expert with a clear message to share with the public? Here’s how to become a greenfluencer:

  1. Pick a niche and stand for it.

The more real and authentic you can be, the more successful you’ll become as a greenfluencer. This is also true when selecting your niche. What are you most passionate about? What story do you want to share the most? What cause resonates with you? Ethical fashion might be the hot topic right now but if you’ve never been into apparel you’ll struggle to develop an authentic voice. If natural cleaning products is your passion, go for it and your tribe will follow.

  1. Build your personal brand

Aesthetic is so important in the age of the influencer, particularly on channels like Instagram. In the age of the infinite scroll, you need an image that stands out, but that is also consistent. This ensures your followers can immediately recognize a post as yours.

  1. Always be ready to evolve

The greenfluencer landscape is always changing. If you want to stay top of the influencer list you will need to be ready to embrace change. Be willing to try out new platforms for communication with your audience. To do this, stay educated in your niche area to know when big changes are coming.

  1. Use your community for inspiration

Becoming a true influencer is about listening to your audience. What are the challenges they face, how can you provide them with answers? In an age of content overload, the best way to cut through the noise is to be the solution to people’s problems. Jump on Instagram stories and talk to your audience. Ask them questions, share polls. And most of all, be real. Don’t be afraid to say when you don’t know the answer, let your community know you’ll get back to them.

  1. Take it offline

Today, much of our activity today happens online, and the majority of your audience will find you that way. The more time you can spend connecting offline though, the more connected and engaged you will be online. Attend local talks and networking events, as well as workshops in your niche.

It might seem like a pipe dream, but there are countless examples of amazing people working hard to become a greenfluencer every day. Find your passion, carve out your niche, and be open to learning and adapting your approach. Each day is an opportunity to try something new and build deeper connections with your community.

Happy Greenfluencing!


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