Children Learn About the Environment
We need to teach our kids how to live by sustainable principles. But how do we do this?
Providing a green education is of the utmost importance to many conscientious parents. We’ve put together this quick guide to help educate your children on key green issues.

Be a Good Role Model

We’ve all heard the old saying, ‘practice what you preach’, but this is truer than ever when attempting to instill key green lessons. Living by the same principles as you teach children helps you to incorporate these lessons into everyday life. This could mean teaching your children how to recycle, or planting a kitchen garden, or simply explaining an issue close to your heart.

Make It Fun

There’s no reason why learning about sustainability has to be dull!
Children have notoriously short attention spans, so make sure you mix it up a little when showing them how to develop great green habits! Injecting a little fun into lesson time will inspire you as much as it inspires them, and helps to avoid too much doom and gloom.

Volunteer with your Kids

As a shared bonding experience, volunteering with your children could prove rewarding. It also provides them with real-world examples of how they can truly make a difference.
Many children find learning through practical exercises is the most effective way forward. Encouraging childhood volunteering ticks all the boxes.

Reach Out to Others

Know any other green parents? If so, you already have a great resource for expanding your child’s eco-friendly education. Why not plan a trip together to an environmentally important site? Or team up to establish an environmentally-friendly club?
This could be a great way of teaching your children all about why protecting the environment is so important. Your new green buddies could also have some handy tips on making lessons even more exciting and relevant.


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