Joey Doherty: Poetry to Ground Your Soul and Reconnect With Nature

Joey Doherty is a poet, licensed professional counselor, certified wellness counselor, and meditation instructor. He is the program coordinator for wellness coaching at The Ohio State University and has given lectures about self-love, nature deficit disorder, compassion fatigue, stress management, meditation, and holistic wellness. Joey has published two books of poetry, “Wild Compass” and “Remember to Harvest.” His writing has a romantic connection to nature and touches on the many ways we can learn from the natural world around us. In his free time, Joey enjoys biking, playing music, hiking, rock climbing, and painting. He currently lives in Columbus, Ohio.

Have you ever been immersed in nature, maybe walking deep in an old growth forest or dipping your toes in a crystal blue creek, where the soft energy swirling around you feels exactly like your favorite sweater? You feel comforted, warm, and peaceful, and a sense of home settles in your chest. You inhale the overwhelming beauty, exhale the stress you left at home, and remind yourself, “This, this is why we exist, to feel what I’m feeling in this moment.”

This week’s podcast episode features Joey Doherty, an extraordinary man who has cherished his relationship with Mother Earth his entire life. Joey is a poet, among many other professions and talents, and he has this unique, authentic way of capturing the sensations we feel while connecting with the natural world. Like those quiet moments I have in nature, his poetry also reminds me, “This, this is why we exist, to feel what I’m feeling in this moment.”

In this podcast episode, Joey shared with us his journey to finding poetry, the creative outlet he uses to express his thoughts and emotions about Mother Earth. He’s published two books so far, “Remember to Harvest”, and “Wild Compass,” which I will recommend to anyone, whether you enjoy poetry or not. I find myself struggling to accurately describe his work, I’m not sure if there are words beautiful enough to do him justice, but always I’m overwhelmed with a sense of home and loving kindness after reading his poems.

His goal is to publish one poetry book every year, so if you’ve had the opportunity to read his books already, don’t worry, he’ll be publishing more magic every year. Joey has a way of translating the spiritual connection between the soul and nature through words, so even if you’re sitting in an office, on an airplane, or in the middle of a city, his words will help you connect to Mother Earth.

I hope you take time to listen to this podcast episode (here on our website or on iTunes), and are able to find his books for your personal library. For every book he sells, four trees are planted. You can also explore his website, and be sure to follow him on Instagram and Facebook. Let’s help spread his love as far and wide as we possibly can. Thank you, Joey, for being on the show; your calm, genuine energy is contagious and I can’t wait for our listeners to witness your soul.