The Takeaways

  • Animal grooming products are categorized as cleaning products, meaning they are not required to list every ingredient, only the active ones
  • Kikolily is a natural, eco-friendly, gentle horse grooming line founded by Nicole Anhalt to address the lack of conscious animal products on the market
  • Nicole’s mission is to declare every ingredient used in her products, and only uses ingredients that are safe for both animals and humans

Did you know that legally, cleaning products do not have to declare every ingredient used in the product, that they are only required to list the active ingredients? Did you know that animal grooming products are categorized as cleaning products, not cosmetics, and therefore are only legally bound to listing active ingredients?

Animals have skin and fur, but their grooming products aren’t closely regulated, meaning companies do not need to declare every ingredient in your pet’s shampoo, only the active ones. To me, that seems unethical. So, I am very happy to announce that this week’s podcast episode spotlights Nicole Anhalt, the founder of Kikolily, whose mission is to create animal grooming products that are transparent and honest, because animals deserve gentle, natural products as much as humans do.

About a year ago, Nicole noticed a gap in the market for natural, honest horse grooming products. She was concerned about using products on her horses without knowing the hidden ingredients, as well as her own skin exposure to these chemicals. Nicole took a leap and combined her lifelong passion of working with horses with her desire to create a skincare company, and Kikolily was born.

Kikolily focuses mainly on horse shampoos, detanglers, and horse deodorants (insect repellent), but the products can be used on other animals as well. Humans come in contact with animal products during grooming practices, so she only adds ingredients to her products that are safe and gentle for both humans and animals. In fact, she tests her products on humans first, and then tests the products on her horses. She also sends her products to contacts around the world for testing, specifically her insect repellant, in order to determine whether it’s effective in various regions with different insect species.

Nicole is dedicated to honesty, so her mission is to declare every ingredient in Kikolily products regardless of the regulations. She wants her customers to feel informed and comfortable using her products on their animals.

For the past year, Kikolily has been in the research and development phase, but Nicole is excited for the year ahead. She’s focusing her efforts on sales and trade shows to get the word out about her products, mostly in the Swiss market, but she has future plans to expand worldwide.

I hope you can take a few minutes to listen to this podcast episode. I was inspired by her positive energy, her drive, and passion for changing the animal grooming industry. I appreciate and support every effort to help move this planet in a more eco-friendly, environmentally-conscious direction.

“I think the one most important thing is that you dare to put yourself out there. That you stop thinking about all the things you cannot do, and you start thinking about all the things you can do.”

Thank you Nicole for sharing with us! Check out the Kikolily website for animal grooming products made with integrity, honesty, and love.

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Watch the episode here.



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