Plastic-Free Items

I’m not pretending to be the greenest person on the planet, there are plastics in my home and we’re not perfect. We do the best that we can. And to prove to you that we’re willing to improve I’m letting you hold me accountable and improve what’s in my home.

My goal is to tell you what plastics I have and I’ll then go out and do research as to how I can replace these items with plastic-free alternatives.

I’ll go through my home, in writing and I’ll share which items are plastic.

The Living Room

Toys. Sally, my daughter, has some plastic toys, there’s a yellow school bus, a doll, some plastic stacking cups and a bubble gun. Granted, they were either given to her as gifts or they were bought at thrift stores and are BPA-free, but still. They’re plastic.

Then there’s pens. Most of my pens are plastic, they probably shouldn’t be.

The questions are starting to pop up in my mind, and I haven’t even left the first room yet.

The Kitchen

This room is quite plastic-free, mainly because I have no more plastic Tupperware. There are some food items wrapped in plastic: spinach and yogurt, and some of the kitchen appliances are plastic.

This makes me want to start making my own yogurt again and buy spinach from my local vegetable shop instead of grocery store where they don’t wrap in plastic if I ask them not to.

The Bathroom

I know this one’s going to be the most plastic-laden. Make-up, shampoo bottles, creams, oh my! It makes sense; Chantal said that plastics are often used for liquid items because it’s the cheapest and most effective way to package those.

Personally I’m a big fan of make-up, and have always liked playing with them. I would buy plastic-free make-up instead. Who’s going to make these? Or do you know if there are any brands that sell make-up plastic-free and are organic/not tested on animals/chemical-free?

Laundry Room

Then there’s the laundry detergent in my washing room that will be replaced with powder detergent once  this one runs out. Listen to the podcast where I learn on-air that liquid detergents always come in plastic.
There’s clearly a lot of room for improvement, and there’s a need for products that are developed without plastics. Will you go out and create some?Tell me, what plastics do you have in your home? What ideas do you have to replace these plastics or avoid more coming into your home?


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