The Takeaways:

  • LOLIWARE is an innovative product line of edible cups and straws designed to biodegrade as fast as food, because it technically is food.
  • LOLIWARE is 100% plastic-free, gluten-free, gelatin-free, BPA-free, non-GMO, all natural, non-toxic, safe, and FDA approved.
  • These two women, Chelsea and Leigh Ann, are changing the world with their concept of “designed-to-disappear” compared to other biodegradable and plastic products that are “built-to-last”

Many of us are actively fighting in the plastic war. Standing strong in our power stance, fists clenched, roundhouse kick at the ready. It’s an exhausting fight, one we must endure on a daily basis, but what if we didn’t have to fight anymore? What if there was an option that eliminated fighting plastic altogether or the constant searching for the next-best biodegradable single-use products?

What if our entire mindset around disposables shifted from “built to last” to “designed to disappear”?

Chelsea Briganti and Leigh Ann Tucker, business partners in New York, founded LOLIWARE on the basis of this concept. LOLIWARE is a line of biodegradable, edible cups and straws that break down as fast as food because it IS food. It started as a simple idea: using a Jell-O type substance as packaging or as single-use dishware. LOLIWARE is beyond innovative; it completely bypasses the problems presented with plastic and other biodegradable single-use products, because it has been specifically designed to disappear.

You have the power to make it disappear with your own digestive system. Or if you’re not hungry enough to digest it, toss it in your compost pile, and it’ll break down as fast as that orange slice. Zero-waste. Zero time spent in a landfill. Zero chance of it ending up in our water system, harming the health of our oceans and marine life. Plastic straws will no longer be pulled from the noses of sea turtles; plastic cups will no longer sit for hundreds of years unchanged. LOLIWARE is 100% plastic-free, gluten-free, gelatin-free, BPA-free, non-GMO, all natural, non-toxic, safe, and FDA approved. It also comes in awesome flavors like matcha green tea, citrus, cherry, vanilla, and an “unflavored” option as well.

“If a cup is only going to be used for an hour, why is it engineered, even for a single use plastic cup product, for centuries? We wanted to understand what would it look like if we moved beyond this way of thinking, this 1.0 thinking.”

LOLIWARE is a complete game changer in the fight against single-use disposables. These two powerful, creative, intelligent women have given us the opportunity to unclench our fists, relax into child’s pose, and breath deep into our bellies, because we now have the power to bypass plastic cups and straws. We can’t stop fighting the plastic war altogether, but at least now we have a realistic, biodegr(edible) solution to share with everyone we know. I, like so many others, are ecstatic about these products and the implication they have for shifting the culture regarding single-use product design.

This podcast episode with Chelsea and Leigh Ann was delightful and empowering. I am blown away by the journey these two women have endured evolving LOLIWARE to where it is today and I truly cherished listening to their stories. This playful, energetic company is changing the world on a global scale, and I have nothing but gratitude for the dedication and passion driving LOLIWARE into its next phase of life.

Chelsea and Leigh Ann have an extraordinary goal for LOLIWARE: They’re dedicated to replacing 1 billion plastic disposables by 2020. This means 1 billion less plastic products in our oceans, landfills, and homes; a huge win for Momma Earth. 

I hope you enjoy this podcast episode as much as I did. Thank you for listening! You can also watch the full podcast episode here.

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Award-winning industrial designers and LOLIWARE co-founders Chelsea Briganti and Leigh Ann Tucker combined their concern for the environment and passion for social innovation to invent a new category of sustainable materials that they have coined, biodegr(edible). LOLIWARE launched with the world’s first biodegr(edible) cup in March 2015. The company’s mission is to transform the tableware and packaging industries by creating products that are non-toxic, fun, and delicious.