Accessing our sacredness can feel daunting for some, and completely natural for others. Some individuals have to walk through dark times to find the strength to be their truest selves, others were born with the ability to stand in their power from day one. The depth of connection to our souls varies from person to person, but what sets you apart from your neighbor is not necessarily your past experiences or psychic talents, but your awareness, openness, and the courage you have to be you, exactly as you are.

Our podcast guest this week, Courtney Graham, is a practitioner in neuro-linguistic programming and also a spiritual practitioner. She offers emotional, mental, and spiritual guidance to help her clients stand in their power and expose their truest selves. In the darkest moments of life-threatening trauma, she found her voice, her power, and her ability to push through to the other side. With the help of her guides and angels, she began to embrace her unique connection to spirit, which she now uses to help others find peace and courage within themselves.

She shared something during our interview that has clung to my heart from the moment the words left her mouth:

“There’s power in being soft and gentle.”

I do hope you take time to listen to this podcast episode with Courtney, which is available on our website and on iTunes. She has been through an immense amount of self-reflection, self-development, and an unwavering dedication to listening to her soul, and I know I ’ve found inspiration in her journey. If you’re looking for someone to help you step into your soul’s mission, check out her website to see if she’s a good fit (and be sure to follow her on Instagram). She provides intuitive guidance, sound healing, energy work, meditation guidance, personal, and home clearings, and a handful of other services.

Courtney is a radiant, light, loving soul, and I am so fortunate to have connected with her. Thank you, Courtney. You have an extraordinary gift, and I hope I can help to spread your love as far and wide as possible.

Raised on a ranch in New Mexico, Courtney wanted to work with animals and spent eight years in the veterinary field. She had a change of calling and ended up in Nashville, TN, for four years in the music and art industry. And now she resides in Seattle, Washington. After having many hardships in her life, Courtney found that western medicine was not working for her, and so nine years ago, she began to train with her Choctaw elders and started following a path of holistic therapy. After changing her life and finding ways to heal, she pursued this path to guide others to heal and find themselves.