Written By Phoenicia Schwing

When we think about environmental issues, we often don’t realize the impact our fashion industry has on our natural surroundings. From chemicals deposited into the water supply, to tremendous waste production, to terrible sweatshops and poor working conditions all over the world, there is so much to be aware of when it comes to being eco-conscious in our fashion choices. Thankfully, many brands are beginning to take responsibility for making changes to protect Mother Earth and its inhabitants through sustainable materials and conscious business practices.

We have listed below five of our favorite brands, all movers and shakers in the eco-fashion industry right now:

Girlfriend Collective

Who doesn’t love the comfort and flexibility of a good pair of leggings? They are so versatile and essential to today’s trends. There are countless popular brands of adorable athletic-wear, but how can we maintain our eco-consciousness while fulfilling our need for good leggings? Girlfriend Collective has us covered, literally. We absolutely love their classic and size-inclusive pieces. The fact that they are created with material made from recycled water bottles and fishing nets makes buying from them absolutely guilt-free.


One of the most popular sustainable brands right now is ABLE. We know that looking for trendy and eco-friendly items when shopping can tend to be disheartening, especially when it comes to accessories like shoes and jewelry. ABLE is bridging that gap by producing incredibly trendy collections while maintaining mindfulness and transparency in their business practices.  As demonstrated in their mantra, “beautiful products by women who have overcome,” they strive for a balance between local production and global development, providing job training and support to women all over the world.

Alternative Apparel

Finding trendy sustainable clothing brands is certainly not limited to ladies’ fashion. Alternative Apparel offers casual, minimalist styles for both men and women. Each collection is full of fashionable basics and essentials for all. This company takes pride in its recycled and biodegradable packaging, low impact dyes, and water conservation. We appreciate that their products are made from sustainable organic cotton and polyester recycled from plastic water bottles.

Hackwith Design House

Hackwith Design House is such a unique brand. Located in Minnesota, in-house seamstresses create each product to order. There is no big factory or wholesale production. Though they started out with a small classic collection, they have now branched out to plus-sizes, intimates, swimwear, and formal dresses. “The Sustain Shop,” an upcycling program that accepts used clothing and remakes them into beautiful pieces, only adds to their value as an amazing and sustainable brand.   

Kirin Fitch

Specializing in androgynous, gender-defying styles, Kirin Fitch is making waves in eco-conscious clothing brands. Not only are these products pushing gender norms in the fashion industry, but they are also super trendy and size-inclusive. Most importantly, however, they are made with all natural material and produced entirely in New York. Kirin Fitch understands that community support is a vital aspect of sustainability. As a part of that, empowering women, especially those in the LGBTQ community, is a major part of their mission as a company.

These brands make it clear that we do not have to substitute being eco-conscious for being fashionable. We can do both. These companies are taking huge steps in decreasing the fashion industry’s effect on our world and we can be a part of that – and look amazing while doing it!