The Perfect Gift for the Holidays

It’s the thought that counts.

Most of us would like to receive nice gifts for the holidays. Some people put more value on stuff with higher price tags. Others are okay with not-so-expensive presents. Then there are those who don’t really care; as long as they get something. But to say “something”, does it really have to be one which we can see or touch? What about our other senses?

If it’s truly only the thought that counts, and thoughts come forth almost instantly before any other organ can function, then putting them into action should count for more. Let’s say everyone gets on board with this conclusion and starts practicing doing good for other people rather than buying them gifts during the holidays. It doesn’t mean material things should be considered worthless. And it’s definitely not a cheap or free option.

A gift to others is a gift to yourself.

There are other occasions where it is more sensible to offer something that’s concrete. Birthdays, for instance, where an individual’s existence is celebrated and should therefore have actual, touchable objects for presents that they can keep as a remembrance. Some celebrations may cease when the celebrated person is gone. And then there are ceaseless celebrations. They are recurring events, but are only celebrated differently because people have different interpretations of the purpose for celebrating them.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are seasons to give without reasons. But if you demand for at least one, how about doing it for yourself. Yes, you can aimlessly give or do things for others. Just because. Period. Don’t expect anything in return. Don’t even have expectations of having them satisfied. At the end of the day, when you ask yourself if you’ve made someone happy, the answer is “yes”. And that person is you.

Actions speak louder than gifts.

You didn’t just misread that. Ever notice how people can easily recall the things you did for them or with them rather than items you’ve given them? Yes, material gifts can be seen, felt, or touched. But also, they can be misplaced, broken, and even lost. They can be replaced, but the value is never the same. Your actions go to a safer, more reliable storage. They will stay alive, remain vivid in the memories of the people you have done them for. They can’t be replaced, and so makes them priceless.

The good thing about opting for non-material gifts in this gift-giving season, considering how far from its original theme we’ve swayed, is that you can’t give two people the same gift. Every deed is unique and special, because surely you wouldn’t have done it without careful consideration of who it is intended for. You do these favors, if you will, because you know that even the tiniest benefit that can come from accomplishing them has augmented impacts to the receiving end.

Doing is really just as good as giving. Do something for someone today. It will be cherished for as long as they’re living. Because it can’t be stolen nor taken away.


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