Why you should keep your skincare away from sun

Natural and organic skincare is sometimes considered less durable than chemical skincare, but even though chemically-infused skincare might last a bit longer, it’s full of the kind of poisonous materials you really don’t want to be putting on your face.

Here at Power Women in Green we’re all about finding more sustainable ways of living and working. Since being eco-friendly certainly doesn’t mean you can’t still be well-groomed; on the contrary! Natural skincare is qualitatively outdoing their conventional counterparts; these days natural skincare is actually more effective than conventional skincare.

We’re interested in using only the greenest skincare on the market, and believe that while you need to care for your natural skincare a little more lovingly and mindfully, in the end it’s well worth it to ensure your products go the distance. Here’s why you should keep your natural skincare away from daylight, and how to ensure that you do:

The Damaging Effects of Sunlight

It’s not only your skin which sunlight can negatively effect, but your organic skincare, too. While less natural products are often subject to something called an ‘oven test’, wherein laboratory testing places the mixture in a 115 Fahrenheit heat, natural skincare generally has no such testing. When free from preservatives, they are also more prone to bacteria if stored incorrectly, so if left in direct sunlight, your organic skincare could therefore be degraded both in terms of the formula and also the overall effectiveness, as well as encouraging the growth of bacteria which could in turn lead to skin breakouts – not what anyone wants from their beauty products!

Avoiding Skincare Sun Damage

The richer your creams and serums are in antioxidants (particularly vitamin C), the more photosensitive they will be – and the more likely to degenerate, sometimes within a matter of mere hours after exposure to strong natural light. This is a particular problem in the warmer summer months! However with a few precautions, you can keep your natural skincare in great condition:

  • Avoid purchasing products in clear tubes – the packaging needs to provide some protection for the formula.
  • Store away from sunny shelves and windows – however great the temptation to show off your stunning natural beauty products.
  • Keep your natural skincare in opaque containers for added protection from the harsh light of day.

Instead of rushing to buy chemical-laden products in an effort to choose a more durable product, it’s best to note that they are not immune to this form of degeneration. While the consistency is likely to remain similar to its original structure, or at least ‘bounce back’ with more flexibility than its organic counterparts, the benefits to your skin of choosing more natural options far outweigh the benefits of a skincare regime which is full of unpleasant chemicals and additives.

Take good care of your natural skincare, this way they’ll last long and nourish your skin as the formula’s creator intended it to.


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