Written by Brittany Shenk

Anyone here know what glossophobia is? It’s a fear of public speaking, and one of the most common fears human beings experience. It’s right up there with spiders, death, heights, and being stuck in small spaces.

Public speaking terrifies me. You’d think after 18 years of schooling, two of which were very presentation-focused, my public speaking anxiety would’ve improved? #nope. Sweat soaks my palms. Breathing becomes more difficult, uneven and shallow. My limbs tremble. I experience a ‘presentation blackout.’ I walk off stage to recover, and realize I don’t remember a single moment of my speech. 

Oh crap, did I leave an entire part of it out? Did my words match up with the presentation slides? Who did I make eye-contact with…did I even remember to make eye contact..? What were my hands doing the whole time?? 

Who knows? I can’t remember. These questions just bounce around like ping-pong balls in my head.


Recently, the ecofemmag team has been focusing on dropping down into our heart spaces before sharing our thoughts. Speaking our truths. This takes a bit of inner work though. Speaking our truths first requires that we explore our inner truths – figuring out who we are at our core – which is what our podcast episode this week is all about.

Our podcast guest, Angela Lussier, is a two-time TEDx presenter and founder of the Speaker Sisterhood. We discussed the journey that led her to her profession in public speaking, her experiences on a TED stage, and the Speaker Sisterhood business.

She’s also really good at cartwheels.


Speaker Sisterhood club is kinda like Toastmasters, but it’s exclusively for women and focuses on using public speaking as a tool for self discovery. The curriculum Angela developed is dynamic, and includes mind mapping, impromptu speaking, speech development, meditation, and yoga, among other development activities.

The women in the Sisterhood are at various levels with their public speaking skills, but they’re all determined to improve. The members learn from each other, guide one another, lift each other up, and hold space for their club members to feel safe and supported. They’re also finding shifts taking place in other areas of their lives, as a result of the program, areas such as romance, work, removing toxic friendships, and speaking authentically.

“If you’re thinking about public speaking, and you feel like you’re not ready, you should try it anyway. You’ll never be ready. You just have to start.”


Though she isn’t crazy about spending time on social media, you can still find and connect with her on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. To learn about how to sign-up for the Speaker Sisterhood club, check out her website and follow her instagram and Facebook page as well.

Thank you, Angela, for being on the show, we are VERY excited to join the Speaker Sisterhood and learn more about speaking with authenticity & confidence.


Angela Lussier is an award-winning speaker, five-time author, two-time TEDx presenter, and CEO and founder of the Speaker Sisterhood, a network of speaking clubs that help women discover, awaken, and create their voice through the art of public speaking. Angela is the host of Claim the Stage, a public speaking podcast for women, rated #1 on the inspiring podcasts list by Forbes in 2017. She is a contributor to Huffington Post and her work has been featured on ABC, NBC, Forbes, Virgin, and Entrepreneur. Her motto:  Stop waiting. Start creating.