Put Women First says Indian Prime Minister

Last Friday, November 29, 2017, the Global Entrepreneurship Summit was held in Hyderabad City, India. It was the first time that the summit was held in South Asia.

Now, although many conferences such as GES have taken place to discuss very important issues all over the world, this very recent one seems to have hit the right spot and chose a rather relevant theme.

“Women First, Prosperity for All”

Not only is it timely, for where the meeting was held, it was beyond meaningful. The theme was brilliant since in Indian mythology, woman is an incarnation of Shakti, the goddess of power. Even though the focus of the summit was business, placing the element of women as leaders makes it more noteworthy.

India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, didn’t hold back and had nothing but praise for the exceptional performances of his fellow countrymen, or women rather, in all areas of profession, including energy and infrastructure.

When you take matters of well-being and prosperity of mankind into consideration, you can always count on women to have the best and transparent plans or solutions. It is no wonder why a man holding one of the highest positions in his country would put them on a pedestal.

Prime Minister Modi did emphasize more on the success of Indian women in different walks of life, but you have to recognize that this talk of pride comes from his being a national leader. It is something women from all over the world should be proud of and take as an inspiration.

This should give us hope that someday we won’t have to deal with competing with men, because there are men who accept the truth that we have an equal chance with them at becoming great leaders.

In his speech, Prime Minister Modi encouraged women to continue whatever it is that they are doing, especially those in the entrepreneurial sector, to set examples for the next generation and motivate them to do good for all the generations to come.

“…we believe women empowerment is vital to our development.”

These are the words that outline the message Prime Minister Modi is trying to convey. This may be spoken in the context of ancient Indian sentiments, but to conclude that it is meant for all is up to us. He closed his speech by wishing everyone a fruitful, engaging and rewarding deliberation during the summit.


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