It’s Time for Us to Take Responsibility: Sand Scarcity

Mother Nature is stronger than we know. We take advantage of the environment in countless ways to make our life better, safer, and more comfortable, and until now she always managed to clean up our mess. We live in a way that only benefits us. We change landscapes, expropriate, pollute, and use valuable resources – and until recently we got away with it.

But this luxury is coming to an end and soon we will have to face the consequences of our behavior. In some ways, we’ve already started to clean up our mess. Quite literally, since there are numerous organizations fighting pollution, but there are tasks to do that the majority of people are still unaware of, and one of them is finding a solution to sand scarcity.

Over the past 30 years, the demand for sand has increased by 360% and currently we extract over 40 billion tons a year globally. While the environment was able to manage until now, this excessive sand consumption is starting to backfire. Studies have shown that if we don’t change our current practices, there will be no more beaches left by 2100. How is this possible?

Take a look at the full infographic from TradeMachines to find out.