Written By Phoenicia Schwing

In a world where environmental issues seem to be all around us, making a positive impact can start to feel daunting and overwhelming. Even when we make the choice to commit to certain sustainable lifestyle changes, it is too easy to feel alone and unmotivated. On the other hand, we also live in a world where social media is often used in the most powerful ways to unite like-minded people and form empowering communities. There are countless influencers who have done just that.

Check out these nature-positive change makers that will leave your feeling both grounded and empowered.

  1. IMMY LUCAS- @sustainably_vegan

Immy Lucas, otherwise known as “Sustainably Vegan”, is an environmental activist. She uses social media to speak out on sustainability, low-impact waste production, and plant-based eating. She strives for an all-around sustainable lifestyle and shares her journey through social media. Her raw and authentic approach leaves you feeling encouraged and inspired, rather than intimidated and overwhelmed.  

  1. ANDREA SANDERS- @bezerowastegirl

An educator of ecological conservation, Andrea Sanders understands that it can all get a little overpowering. She encourages bio-mindfulness, which she explains as a “mindset that explores practices which focus our attention on the relationships we hold between ourselves and the environment.” Her posts are encouraging, compassionate, and informative. If you are looking to refocus your thoughts on the planet and its conservation, Andrea is the woman to follow.  

  1. MANUELA BROWN- @thegirlgonegreen

Manuela Brown is traveling the world (mostly on her own), learning about sustainability and wellness. Her beautifully inspiring posts will leave you wanting to hop on the next plane to anywhere. She practices zero-waste and a plant-based lifestyle but is not pushy about it on social media. Passion for sustainability radiates from her posts, as does the simplicity and beauty of her minimalist wardrobe.

  1. BEA JOHNSON- @zerowastehome

Author of Zero Waste Home, Bea Johnson has been at the forefront of the zero-waste movement worldwide for the past 10 years. If you ever start to feel isolated or alone in your zero-waste journey, Bea Johnson’s Instagram will introduce you to a wonderful and empowering community of like-minded people from all over the world. To further connect this community, she has also created the “Bulk Finder”, to help you locate the best package-free locations near you. Her posts remind you that this planet really is full of people who strive to love and protect it.

  1. BRET LOVE AND MARY BABBETT- @green_global_travel

As a couple, Bret Love and Mary Babbett share their story of discovering ecotourism on social media and through their company, Green Global Travel. Their breathtaking photos and informative posts leave you rooting for a movement you may not have even realized existed. Bret and Mary are motivated to empower people to travel responsibly through mindfulness, education, and resources. Seriously, their amazing posts will have you yearning for your next opportunity to contribute to nature preservation and wildlife conservation through a responsible trip.    

  1. LAUREN SINGER- @trashisfortossers

Founder of Trash is for Tossers, Package Free, and Simply Co., Lauren Singer says she is “reducing [her] waste to align with [her] values,” and using both business and social media to do it.  Lauren’s immense drive and enthusiasm for protecting our environment is contagious and inspiring. Her posts demonstrate how a sustainable lifestyle affects every area of her life and shows us how we can integrate it into our lives as well.

  1. NATALIE KAY- @sustainablychic

Natalie Kay is using her influence to inspire others to express their care for the planet through mindful fashion. Sometimes it can seem daunting to be eco-friendly when we shop. Where do we even start? Can we still be trendy and current with sustainable fashion? Natalie proves we absolutely can. Her stunning outfits and classy style encourage us that it is indeed possible to be conscientious of our planet’s resources while still maintaining the perfect looks. Her posts often feature specific brands too, which is very helpful when starting out on this journey for ourselves.


Imagine eating only raw fruits and vegetables. It may seem near impossible for some—until you see Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram’s posts. She makes this lifestyle look so delicious and satisfying. She will saturate your feed with colorful and beautifully inspiring posts. A healthy lifestyle advocate and YouTuber, Kristina’s quirky and artsy take on mindful, nature-positive living makes you want to follow in her footsteps.

  1. TASHINA COMBS- @logicalharmony

Not your average beauty blogger, Tashina Combs puts a nature-positive spin on the typical makeup tutorials and gorgeous selfies with a cruelty-free focus. You can count on her to inspire you with countless vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainable options for makeup and skincare. Her flawless looks demonstrate that there is no need to trade one for the other. We love that her posts are not only beautiful but very detailed and informative as well.   

  1. AMANDA FORCELLA- @mamaeatsplants

Amanda Forcella boasts an overall plant-based diet and waste-free lifestyle—not just for her, but for her whole family as well. For those busy mothers out there, it’s inspiring to see someone leading their family in this journey, and realize that we can be just as successful. She loves posting photos of her adorable children immersed in this simple living, planet-caring lifestyle, and of course, loving every second of it.

Whether you’re feeling alone in this fight to protect our environment, need encouragement in living a sustainable lifestyle, or are simply looking for ideas and inspiration, these influencers are here to uplift and empower you.

Let’s come together and inspire change. We are not on our own. There are currently over one-billion Instagram users, but rather than follow them all, fill your feed with these changemakers’ posts to get grounded rather than discouraged next time you pick up your phone.