Go on a staycation, the ultimate green & eco-friendly holiday


There’s nothing quite like planning your holidays (except being there, of course!) and while jetting off to far-flung destinations has its own broad appeal, there is a significantly more eco-friendly way of getting some much needed rest and relaxation – the staycation. Here’s the ultimate Power Women in Green guide to getting away from it all, without going far at all…

Why Staycation?

Clocking up airmiles might lead to new and exciting travels, but it also clocks up your carbon footprint. The popularity of the staycation isn’t limited to those seeking to live more ecologically, however – travelling shorter distances for your holiday is also a way of ensuring you keep a close eye on your budget without compromising on enjoyment. According to The New Ecologist, staycations are reflective of a growing modern approach to holidaying, prompted by changing lifestyles and priorities. Sounds good to us!

Top Tips for ‘Staycationing’ at Home

There’s really no need to even leave your hometown, let alone your home country, if seeking the ultimate staycation. More and more people are choosing the comfort of home over pricey trips both overseas and domestically. In order to have a truly great holiday at home, remember to:

  • Catch up on all the things you’ve wanted to do but have been too busy working – no, we don’t mean household chores or work! Just because you’re at home, that doesn’t mean you have to be on top of things domestically or professionally – take a break from work and outside pressures by allowing yourself the space to truly disconnect.
  • Truth is, you’ve probably haven’t checked out many of the sights near your home. Visit local historical attractions, get into nature, spend time with loved ones, or read that book you’ve always wanted to. This is your time to indulge.
  • Consider how much good your choice is doing for the environment. If you don’t fancy ‘staycationing’ every year, why not alternate from one year to the next?
  • When you stay home you’ll probably feel less pressure to go sightseeing, travel can be demanding of your energy if there’s so much that you ‘must-see’. Staying home might be a good way to truly relax.

Tips for a Domestic Staycation

If you still want to get away from home, but don’t want to jet off to foreign climbs, then consider one of the many beautiful holiday destinations where you can commune with nature for little to no cost. Camping and glamping are particularly popular staycation ideas – and could also help you feel more like you’re truly ‘on holiday’.

Looking for more staycation inspiration? The WWF has some great tips and tricks on how to make your travel plans more eco-friendly. Take a look at some of these tips here!



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