Stand Up for your Beliefs by Peaceful Means

In some places, when you use the word activist to describe a person, it has a rather cynical connotation. Many people avoid associating themselves with activists because for them, they always mean trouble.

Being indifferent is not an attribute of someone who is logical. Not caring is a choice. But it is a very unwise one.

Why do people complain?

We always have something to say about why things are this and that, and whether we agree with either. Everyone is actually opinionated. Others are just more private about their thoughts.

When we don’t like what we see or hear, we usually have more words for it than when we do. But although we have a strong objection against certain matters, most of us choose not to do anything about it.

Because actions are not taken in spite of the freedom we are given, we remain in the same unwanted state. And so the complaining never ends.

Others participate in protests simply because their opinions are influenced by where they grew up in or who they grew up with. While it is good to speak up, you should first assess if what you have to say can have a positive or a negative impact.

It’s one thing to be radical, but quite difficult to keep your composure when you’re trying to express an opposing belief. Debating on a subject is healthy, but it is hard to avoid hitting below the belt in a heated argument.

What is positive activism?

Many important issues are taken for granted because everyone is caught up in their own personal businesses and overlook the continuous decline of man’s relationship with others and nature. We have grown distant from each other even with the advancement of technology. And it’s supposed to bridge the gaps.

We can’t allow this to go on. The main reason why we plan for something better or work hard is because we want to nurture our relationships with everything that lives and breathes. If we are not vigilant and speak up for the good of the things we care about, we accept and surrender to being doomed.

Positive activism is not an attack on the current state of things or the regulations of whoever is in charge. It has something to do with the intent of the individual pushing for the movement. If the purpose is without malice and simply giving voice to the aggrieved, that is activism done right.

“The calm after the storm”

Disagreements can’t be avoided because we are thinking beings and it is expected that we have varied outlooks in life. Each one is entitled to that. Let us just work on embracing the idea that everyone deserves a chance to be heard as this promises a healthy resolution for all.


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