Written by Brittany Shenk

I thought about editing this article. I thought about waiting until tomorrow or next week to share it. I thought about not sharing it at all. But I’m in a transition to a #nofilter lifestyle. No more wondering what is appropriate or acceptable to the mass media. No more tryin’ to be like other people. No more masks or attempts to appeal to the masses. So, here we go, kids.

Ellen and I were in Lisbon, Portugal last week at the world’s largest tech conference – Web Summit 2018. We were newbies among thousands of techies; I half-expected to feel intimidated, but in fact, I felt the opposite. I know, in my bones, that Ellen and I are approaching business with pure hearts, clarity, and so much fucking trust in our process that I had nothing to feel intimidated about.

We are of service to Mama Earth. There’s nothing more in alignment for me than that.

Every morning, we focused on mentally preparing ourselves to stay in our truths, our firm beliefs in the way we conduct business. Instead of rushing to the Web Summit Tuesday morning to stand at our booth and talk business, we spent the morning sipping cacao in our gorgeous new ceramic mugs, pulling oracle cards, laughing, talking to our entity sisters, our leaders, asking them how we should proceed throughout the rest of the day to best channel the mission of ecofemmag.

We knew we were about to walk into a summit with people who approach business differently than we do. So, we cared for our bodies & minds before getting on that bus, and zipped on our “high-vibe energy suits” immediately after entering the arena before heading to our booth.

It was 10:00am by the time we found our assigned spot. Our efm logo stood out; so raw, so simple. I felt a zap up my spine looking up at her. She represents so much more than an online magazine. She represents life, earth, play, & joy. She represents letting go. 

Our neighbors were excited to see us. Nothing like a healthy late-entrance to get the morning flowing.

“Hey it’s ecofemmag! You made it! We’ve been waiting for you guys to show up. What took you so long to get here?”

“Hi! Oh yeah, we were meditating and aligning our energies this morning. We didn’t feel like rushing into the chaos.”

“Whoa hah! That’s cool. Not the answer I was expecting. I like you two already. Alright come on, tell us about ecofemmag!

Barefoot. Bamboo straws in hand. We poured our hearts into our words. We passed out our gifts and business cards to passing attendees. We danced and jumped around every few minutes to shake up our energies, to stay in alignment with our love of play, which caught the attention of our neighbor.

“That makes me feel like jumping, too.”
“Do it! Try it! It’ll make you feel better!”

And oh, he did. It was such a simple moment, but it was everything. It gave me goosebumps. I watched his face twist from shy uncertainty into a big, beautiful, nothing-else-matters-in-this-moment kind of grin. There was no music playing. No rhythm to jump to. But he was playing with us, bouncing up and down with one of our bamboo straws in his hand, like a little kid on the playground.

“You’re right! I feel so much better! You guys do this all the time?”

We just laughed and kept bouncing, pointing our straws at each other and pretending they were magic wands *wiiinnnngardium-leviiiiiiiiosaaaaaa*.

Spreading love, spreading playful energy. That’s what this life, this business, is all about.

We were approached by handfuls of attendees, some with genuine curiosity, some with an I-wanna-sell-something-to-you-vibe. Regardless of the individual, we relayed the same message every time. I focused on speaking to their soul, not their face, from my heart space, channeling the vision of Earth through my body.

“We’re a megaphone for Earth. We’re an online media platform that spreads awareness about the really epic shit individuals and companies are doing to help transform the planet. We know we’re in a time of doom-and-gloom, unnerving news stories, and uncertainty. We recognize the severity of these issues, but we believe so strongly that play and compassion are essential in transforming our culture & the planet. We just wanna spread the love and mission of all the companies doing so much good in the world.”

Web Summit was, well, overwhelming. I’m not going to sit here & pretend it wasn’t. There were an extra 70,000 people in Lisbon for the summit alone. We didn’t go to every presentation. We didn’t attend every event. We didn’t network every evening over cocktails and tiny snacks. We barely had the energy to make it from 10am to 3pm in the arena.

But what Web Summit provided for us was practice. Practice for us to exercise our complete faith in ourselves, our business approach, in ecofemmag, & the universe. For us to test out our ability to manifest, spread the joy of play to others, and keep our energies high in the midst of complete chaos.

It was practice for us to put our self-care first, everyday.

We are ignited. We are here to share the comfort of our our embers, & spread our playful flames. Like wildfire.