Omnivore or Herbivore? Vegan diet or eat meat?

Eating meat doesn’t jive with my heart. I’ve watched all the documentaries like Cowspiracy, etc. I’ve read dozens of books on nutrition. I even studied to be a health coach.

My heart and mind are vegan.
My body is an omnivore.

After adapting a vegan diet for a couple of years in my twenties I couldn’t help but notice towards the end my cravings had spiked to levels I’d never experienced before. A vegan diet doesn’t equal a healthy diet. It takes careful planning to get all of the nutrients, amino acids, etc. that your body needs. I would be munching on humus and salads at lunch-time and then come home, break down and down any old vegan junk food I could find.

When I reached my largest size I’d ever been, I got fed up (another great documentary to watch). I began experimenting with eating foods that I didn’t believe in my heart I should be eating. Just to see how I’d feel.

Meat. Fish. Eggs. Dairy.

Shockingly, I felt SO much better. So I decided if I wanted to feel good, grounded, and healthy I needed to eat some animal products. I didn’t go all in and run over to McDonald’s and yell “screw it!”. No, I ate a little bit of meat at social engagements. What I noticed immediately was a feeling of grounding. Like a sense of peace washed over me and my jumpy, on-edge body felt somehow soothed.

I kept experimenting with tiny bits, bites and pieces of meat, fish and eggs here and there.

There are two books in particular that opened my eyes to what I was experiencing: Food Energetics by Steve Gagne and Eat Right for Your Type by Peter J. Adamo.

The book Food Energetics is all about how certain foods contain different types of energy. The whole universe is vibration and different species of plants and animals vibrate at different levels. So different foods give you different types of energy. May sound woo-woo, but if you read the book it might make sense to you.

Think about it: a cow is slow and steady and grounding and those are the energies you’ll experience when eating the cow. The example of a chicken: speedy yet calm. Greens: vibrant.

Eat Right for Your Type is all about what blood type you have and based on historical facts: what your ancestors ate is probably kinda what you should be eating. I’m the O+ blood type which is the oldest blood type on the planet. This means I thrive on the hunter/gatherer diet (Paleo diet).

This all explained my slight maniacal tendencies on the vegan diet. It also caused me to slowly switch gears. It was difficult to eat meat. I would think of the animal I was eating and her flesh I was ingesting in mine. Thinking of the rotting process of the meat going on in my intestines… but soon I stopped envisioning these images.

My current diet/way of eating could be called the heart/body diet or the vegan/paleo diet. I eat a mainly vegan/paleo diet, which means mainly vegetables, and I’ll eat either beans (not paleo) or meats and fish. I eat lots of eggs from my dad’s chickens and I’ll eat a little bit of ghee every now and then, but other than that I avoid dairy.

You need to be your best self to be able to make a difference in the world. My diet really is the basis of everything I do , I eat to feel good. I want to wake up in the morning with tons of energy. I’m a single mama and I work two jobs. I need to savor my energy. And you need to savor yours too no matter what your life looks like.

My advice to you is to do something similar. Listen to both your heart and body and find the balance between what you believe you should be eating and what your body needs. For me, a vegan diet isn’t sustainable. The thing is, you won’t know if it suits you until you’re a couple of years into the vegan diet. After a couple of years your body might not handle it like I couldn’t. Or maybe you’re a different blood type and you thrive on it: woo!

Do what’s right for your body. But try to avoid eating meats all of the time. You might need meat, like I do, but that doesn’t mean you need to eat it 100% of the time. I eat about 100 grams (3.5 oz) of meat per week, and the occasional fish. I rarely eat dairy, but I do eat quite a lot of eggs.

The planet needs you to eat right for your health, because when you’re your best self you make the best decisions and you can thrive and inspire others. The planet also needs you to not eat conventionally raised cattle, because it’s the single cause for global warming. The conventional farming methods aren’t sustainable and aren’t good for the wellbeing of the animals.

Do what’s right for you: don’t judge others for where they are in life and in health. Practice compassion. Use your heart, your head and give your body what it needs. Inspire others by being the best version of you that you can be. That’s the single best thing you can do for our planet.

Resources mentioned in this article:

Fed Up
Food Energetics
Eat Right for Your Type


  1. This is really true and what I have a similar experience. After a 3 years as a vegetarian, cutting dairy more and more, I find it doesn’t work for me. I feel hungry, I put on weight, even though I mostly eat food I prepare myself.

    I still don’t eat meat, but I allow myself to eat organic eggs, and msc fish at home only so I can choose sustainable sources. I eat a plant based diet 90% of the time and still avoid dairy (expect on social occasion as I find it mush harder to avoid).

    I feel better and it works for me. We’re all different, and one diet doesn’t fit all. Even though cowspiracy is right on how some farming methods are terrible, if we make better choices and eat consciously, I think we can still have animal products from time to times.


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