Avoid toxic aluminum in deodorant

Written by Antje Verluen

Aluminum Chlorohydrate shunned

Over the last few years we have seen an increasing amount of scientific research and alarming news articles about the effects of deodorants. The stuff we’ve been using since the Romanticism (oh, Romanticism) has some downsides. Let’s see which these are.

The purpose of a deodorant is preventing you, or more precise your armpits, from producing body odor. As most of us know (through willing or unwilling experiments) sweat doesn’t immediately smell bad. It is the bacteria on our skin that works with freshly produced sweat, that creates new smells (which would smell fine if you appreciate such complexity). The deodorants we apply faithfully, kill those bacteria. While you still produce heaps of sweat, it will not smell as such.

Limit sweat, but not at any risk

This is where another term comes in, which is interchanged too darn much. Because it shouldn’t! I’m talking about an antiperspirant. This type of glider/spray/roll-on contains aluminium chlorohydrate which prevents your eccrine sweat gland to produce sweat. It makes them a stronger fighter against sweat but exactly this ingredient is causing concern among researchers and, well anyone who wants to limit the sweat stains but not at any risk.

The effective, but dubious ingredient

Aluminium Chlorohydrate is usually among the first listed ingredient in most of the big brands. It is effective, but also linked to breast cancer, increasing the risk of it later in life. This link has only been suggested, and not been proven. It has shown to cause estrogen- and hormone-like effects, which can potentially promote the growth of breast cancer cells.

Aluminium free armpit-care

While research isn’t conclusive about the exact harm aluminum chlorohydrate can cause, new products have been setting foot on the deodorant market. And they’re answering the increasingly loud question for aluminium free armpit-care. Because why risk anything, when there is a decent alternative? Why treat your face any different that your underarms? Here are a few deodorants without the possibly very harmful ingredient:

Available everywhere:
Dr. Hauschka (roll-on deodorant)
Weleda citrus (spritz deodorant)
Lavera (roll-on deodorant)

Available mostly online:
We love the planet (crème deodorant)
Loveli (stick deodorant)
Ohm Deo dorant (powder deodorant)
Urtekram (crystal deodorant)
Schmidts Naturals (crème and stick deodorant)




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