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Where little green warriors are ‘made’!

Last week The Green School was the Green Hero of the Week, and for good reason!
The Green School in Bali is the top venue of its kind. The school champions a unique approach to environmental education – and shows us new ways of teaching children about green issues.

What is the Green School?

A non-profit, private school located in Bali, Indonesia. The school educates students up to high-school level, alongside the Ayung River.
Founded by John and Cynthia Hardy, the school is a unique educational venue which first opened its doors in 2006. The concept was inspired by Alan Wagstaff’s ‘Three Springs’ concept for a village-based educational community. The couple have also cited Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ as an inspiration.
Starting out with just 90 students, the school’s international attendance now stands at around 400.

How was the Green School built?

Designed as off-grid, 70 of the school’s buildings use renewable energy sources such as micro-hydro power and solar power.
A large bamboo bridge spans 22 meters across the river. The central structure uses 2,500 bamboo poles, with renewable materials utilized throughout.

What do the students do there?

The Green School has a goal of educating and cultivating the young green leaders of tomorrow. Through a progressive learning curriculum, the school uses timeless lessons from nature. The classes also help to prepare for a changing future.
Integrity, responsibility and sustainability are all key to the lesson plans taught at the Green School.
Students launched their own Bio-Bus to help transport attendees to and from their classes. The Bio-Bus runs on cooking oil (biodiesel) and helps to cut down on the use of cars and motorbikes. Students are also encouraged to help maintain the school grounds.

Impact of the Green School

The Green School’s approach to green education is already making a difference to the world. Dubbed the ‘Greenest School on Earth’ in 2012, we can look forward to seeing much more from the green leaders of tomorrow!


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