Solve Climate Change with Women Empowerment

We read and hear a lot about climate change these days, but most of us would only turn a blind eye and a deaf ear. With this being the more common reaction, the problem may become more serious than it already is.

Just how serious is climate change at the moment? Scientists strongly believe that global temperatures will continue to rise for the years to come, as opposed to claims that they are slowly dropping. Greenhouse gases produced by human activities are to blame. But that’s not something new.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the effects of climate change will expand over time, making it harder for various societal and environmental systems to either diminish or adapt to.

At this rate, if people continue to brush off the issue like it isn’t an issue at all, it would be as if we humans have signed a death warrant against every living creature on earth. It may sound like an exaggeration, but it can happen, and you don’t want that on your conscience.

What then is the solution?

Creating more opportunities for women to participate in projects that tackle environmental issues is the answer. Why women? We women are more likely to respond positively to anything negative thrown our way. We don’t deny the problem placed before us because we know how directly we are affected by its consequences.

As a concrete example, in some of the most rural parts of the globe, it is the women’s responsibility to gather water. When the rivers dry up as a result of rising temperatures, the women may sometimes have to travel further to find other resources. The added time and distance in completing this task heightens their risk of getting ill or worse, being sexually harassed.

During times when food is scarce, women are the first to experience the impact. Women tend to put others first, and would be willing to sacrifice and lessen the food they eat so that their children or other members of the family can have more. Women are strong. But because the body has needs, when these needs aren’t available, they weaken easily.

It’s highly plausible for women to solve matters of environmental health at the local level because they are often the ones in charge of purchasing goods at the supermarket. When given enough knowledge about eco-friendly products and how big a difference switching from harmful ones can make, women usually apply such knowledge.

If we put more women in charge of committees that address the problem of climate change, we can confidently say goodbye to those disturbing thoughts of a deteriorating planet. We can save our future for sure. Climate change may be serious but when it comes to solving problems, women mean business.


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